Titleist T100 vs T200 vs T300: Difference Between & Which Is Best

Best Titleist Golf Irons

Below are the popular T-series of golf irons by Titleist.

Many consumers questions the difference between the Titleist T100 vs T200 vs T300 and which is best.

So we went to the official Titleist site and copied pretty much word for word the description of the irons along with the benefits and photos of each of the Ttitleist irons in question.

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Titleist T100

t100 vs t200

The T100 face functions as a continuous cradle that creates a seamless putting surface and a more excellent uniform leading part.


  • Improved feel to help turn pars into birdies
  • Improved turf interaction
  • Exceptional forgiveness in a Tour iron
  • Comes with the pro desinged and recommended D18 density tungsten
  • New tour-contoured sole
  • Smooth, baller brushed chrome finish design


Titleist T200

t200 iron by titleist

The T200 iron is an R&D standout that incorporates all the greatest features of the previous generation into a small, tour-ready design. Every component of the multi-material structure is designed to produce an unexpected depth of feel for such a potent distance iron.


  • Improved sound and feel
  • Player-preferred shape
  • Precision distance control Features
  • D18 density tungsten
  • Max Impact technology
  • Multi-material body: Engineered Muscle Plate
  • Forged face inserts

The T200 evolution represents the biggest shift within T-Series with a sleeker shape, shorter blade length and thin topline. They feature the same minimal offset as T100 and T100S to enable seamless set blending. Even the engineered muscle plate improves acoustics for a crisper, more satisfying sound and feel.


Titleist T300

Titleist T300

With 40% more tungsten and advanced Max Impact Technology, T300 irons can improve your launch, distance, and shot-making while providing maximum forgiveness. All in a premium chrome head with the size and shape to give you the confidence to play your best golf.


  • High-launching distance
  • Enhanced forgiveness
  • Improved feel Premium look
  • Features 40% more tungsten (D18 density)
  • Max Impact technology
  • Variable face design
  • Chrome plated



Below are the diference in rgeards to specs.

You can find the T100, T200, T300, & the T400 Titleist Irons specifications.

t100 vs t200 vs t300 specs


Which is Best for You?

The best iron of the three will depend on a variety of factors.

These factors can include the amount of money you are willing to spend, iron accuracy, iron power, sex (male or female), type, of course, you mostly golf on, and type of weather conditions.

The average run-of-the-mill, everyday golfer, which is 90% of us, can get by with the T100 driving iron we recommend.


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