Need On The Golf Course? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart.


You ever ask yourself what you need on the golf course?  I mean what is the proper equipment that you should be taking out on the golf course?  I just wanted to add a nice little list and give you a couple of spots to go and find the proper equipment for the golf course.  Some of these articles I have written about might not be for the beginner golfer but still can be needed while out on the golf course.

Golf Balls

First and foremost you will need the golf ball.  Now there are so many different companies that make golf balls it can be really hard to decide what kind and brand to use.  If you are just starting out I would tell you to go out and buy some used golf balls or if you want new ones just purchase the Need On The Golf Course? It's Easy If You Do It Smart.cheaper ones for now.

Once you have learned how to be a better golfer you can step into buying the better brands and more expensive golf balls.  The high priced golf balls have been engineered to help better your golf game but are not really needed as you just begin.

Here are a few options for you to read up on and decide for yourself finding a good golf ball that can be a hard process.  Check these out to help decide and make it a little easier to find.

Best amateur golf ball, Some to compare

Golf Tees

So now you have the golf balls next you need the golf tees and there are many that you can choose from also.  From wooden to plastic I have written another article about golf tees so click on the link here and check them out to get some options for yourself.

Some golfers would rather use a wooden tee as they have been around for a long time but the plastic tees also will work very well for you as a golfer and the plastic tees will also not break as the wooden ones do.

Golf Tee, Plastic or Wood

Golf Shoes

Ok golf balls golf tees what else you might be asking.  I would tell you that a good pair of golf shoes is what you will be needing next to have that really good grip you need when taking your golf shots.  Having a really good pair of golf shoes with a great cleat design will help with the grip on the golf course.  Here are some options for you to look at and read about just go ahead and click on the links and check them out.

Golf Shoe Review, Adidas Spiked Golf Shoe

Golf Shoe Review, Do you need them?

Now you don’t have to have golf shoes and you can also find golf shoes that don’t have the spikes that stick off you can find them as spikeless shoes.  Either kind of shoe will be beneficial when out on the golf course.

Golf Gloves

The next piece of golf equipment you might want is going to be a golf glove.  Golfing gloves will give you added grip onto the golf club on those hot days on the course or if you happen to be playing in the rain.  As with most of the golf equipment, there are many different manufacturers of a golf glove.

Here is another article that I have done all about some golf gloves click on over and take a read.  Might find some great information on a glove that you like or are looking for one to put together and complete your golf outfit.

Need On The Golf Course? It's Easy If You Do It Smart.
Photo Fairway Golf USA

As you can see in the picture you can find some golf gloves in lots of colors.  They are made with thin leather that helps them breathe yet be very comfortable.

You don’t need to have two golf gloves as usually people tend to use them on there left hand unless they golf left-handed then they would use them on their right hands.

Having golf gloves really is up to the golfer that would be using them so no need to rush out and get some if you are just starting out.  They do help with having a really good grip for your golf shots.


Golf Rangefinder

Another great piece of golf equipment is going to be a rangefinder.  You don’t need one but they really do come in handy when trying to see the distances of your golf shot.

I have used a few in my golf career and they are a nice tool to have in your golf bag.  Making it very easy to see how far you need to hit your next shots and get an accurate measurement from the front of the green to where you are.

Need On The Golf Course? It's Easy If You Do It Smart.
Photo Fairway Golf USA

Go ahead and click on the article I did with some options for the rangefinders these are just a few and there are so many more that you can buy.

You may find that you don’t need one of these but they do come in very handy looking for the perfect distances for you short or even long golf shots.  Many have a laser that will pinpoint the exact spot to get your distance.


You ever head out to the golf course on those days that it looks like a chance of rain?  Well go and get yourself one of these golf umbrellas as they will be a great addition to the golf bag.

Most of these are super large so they will help to keep you dry or even keep you cool on those hot summer days.  Having a golfing umbrella you can also take and use them on your way to dinner or running from the car to the house.  It will be a great added feature to your golfing equipment.

Golf Umbrella, Do I need one?

There are some really great umbrella reviews here so click on the link to read the article on them and don’t get stuck in the rain again without one.


Now, this might not be one of the things that you need right away when headed out to play golf but they are an amazing putter for sure.  The Scotty Cameron brand of putters is some of the best putters made for the golfer.

You can find some putters that are shaped like a normal blade and also some more advanced style putters.  These putters can vary in price from $200 on up to over $1000 which is crazy for a putter but once you use these putters you will be glad to have spent that money for sure.


Need On The Golf Course? It's Easy If You Do It Smart.

You can get them customized and even get custom putter head covers to show off your style.  This will be one of the best purchases you make if you are looking for the best putter around.  Click on the link above and go read some more about them.


Of course, your gonna need some golf clubs and there again are going to be so many options for you.  As a beginner renting golf clubs or borrowing from a friend is a great way to get started.

Most golf courses have rental clubs or you could check your local golf outlets and see if they rent out golf clubs or have any for sale that might be used

Need On The Golf Course? It's Easy If You Do It Smart.
Image by planet_fox from Pixabay

which is another great way to get some golf clubs.

I will be doing a review on some golf clubs and I have a couple for the junior golfer in mind that you can check out and then click on the links in the article to see some great golf clubs at Fairway Golf USA.

At Fairway Golf USA they are one of the premier golf shops that carry Japenese golf clubs.  They have many options for them for you to pick from check out the clubs by clicking on the banner at the bottom of the page or in the sidebar on the right.

Junior Golf Club Review, USKids TS3-63 v5

Now again these are a review of junior golf clubs but you have to make sure to order the right length of golf clubs to your height.  With the children’s golf clubs it’s a little more important than adult clubs as they come in a more standard height and you can order them to your specific lengths as needed.


I can say that this is a list that will get you out and the golf course and playing a great round.  Yes, there are many more things to take onto the course but I wanted to give you the basics and help point you in the right direction for reading more about golf equipment.  You can add to this list with first Need On The Golf Course? It's Easy If You Do It Smart.aid kits and beer coolers and so much more.

If you are in the search of some great golf gifts I have a couple of places to check out on the website to get for your dad or kids or anyone in-between.  Great for any time of the year whether that’s Christmas or the fourth of July always great ideas for gifts.

Great Golf Gifts, Anytime of the year!

Great Golf Gifts, Find a few for you!

Great Golf Gifts, Find them here!

I was hoping to get you just started and then once you are comfortable with golfing or have done it for years you will come back to my site and read Need On The Golf Course? It's Easy If You Do It Smart.more about golf as I am trying to add new information on a weekly basis.  If you want to stay up to date with all the information I put on here you can register your e-mail address in the right sidebar.

If at any time you have any questions or comments about this post or any others on the site please feel free to leave them below and I will gladly get back to you in a timely matter.  Thank you for stopping by and I hope to see you here in the future soon.


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  1. Hi Douglas,

    Very informative. Thank you. My friends have been bothering me go to golfing with them for years, but I’ve always put it off. I’ve decided that this is going to be the year so this post found me at the perfect time. I went once a long time ago and honestly forgot what you needed for a good day of golf. This was so helpful for me. Now If I can only figure out how to play! LOL. Thanks again.

    • Hey Dan
      Golfing can be so fun and with friends, it’s even better. I hope you get the chance to head out and play soon and don’t forget anything. If you are looking for more information on golf equipment I can help you out with any questions. Feel free to stop back and get more info at any time. Have fun out on the golf course and if you have already played a round or two it’s like riding a bike. Wishing you good luck out on the course and thank you for stopping by.


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