Junior Golf Club Review, USKids Ultralight 45

Searching for golf clubs for a smaller child can be hard to do as it is hard to tell what the best way to go about purchasing them.  This is the junior golf club review for the shorter golfing kids in mind.  Also for the beginner as you might be getting this as a gift for a child who wants to golf but is really just starting out.  Having a few clubs to play with is the goal when learning and it is not needed to have 14 golf clubs in their golf bag.  Check it out and find all the details about this set of golf clubs and find out all of the great features of a quality set of clubs.

USKids Ultralight 45 4-club

With all that being said finding a set of clubs for smaller children can be difficult and a tough decision on a parent or adult in general.  This golf club set comes with 4 golf clubs that are needed to play a golf round.  One great thing about this golf set is that you can find more clubs to add to this set after your child has learned to golf better.  At Fairway Golf USA you will find this set and also sets for the taller more experienced golfers.

USKids golf club sets have been created for a certain height of a child.  This set has been created for children from the height of 45″ to 48″.  That being said you could purchase this for a shorter child as most children grow they can grow into this set for a season or two and then add to the set if they seem to need some more club options.

The set comes with a carrying golf bag that has a double shoulder strap which will give them better stability when carrying the golf clubs on the course.  If you haven’t seen these golf bags they come with two legs that fold in and out so the golf bag will stand up making it easier to stand up keeping the bag clean and out of the dirty grass and dirt.

Ok so now you are wondering what clubs this set comes with so I will give you the shortlist below and remember you can add to this club set as needed.

  • DV 2 Driver Club Head Cover Included
  • 7 Iron
  • Pitching Wedge
  • Putter

Now it may seem to some golfers that it is important to have every club like the PGA tour golfers carry but not when just starting as a kid.  The best way to look at it is the first thing you need to learn is how to swing a golf club.  Only having a few club choices will make it easier for the child to decide what to use depending on the shot.  As it is when my kids go golfing they always want to choose the clubs that they want and not my choice.

Now the clubs have been designed to help a beginner golfer to get the golf ball up in the air which will help to create better golf shots and getting distance once learning the golf swing.  Sometimes taking your child golfing can be a difficult task as they don’t want to take your advice.  One option would be to put them in some golf lessons to learn the proper golf swing and most kids will listen to a golf instructor as they aren’t with your child all the time as you are.

One other feature that a junior golfer getting these golf clubs might love is to have a personalized golf bag.  As I said earlier this set comes with a golf bag that you can customize on the ball pocket.  With the golf bag, you will find plenty of pockets for holding all the golf balls and tees that your child will need and room for more.

If you are looking for another review on junior golf clubs for the taller older junior 57″ to 60″ go to the Junior Golf Club Review here and find some great info for the taller more experienced junior golfer.

If you found that this is the set you are looking for go on over to Fairway Golf USA by clicking on the highlighted words and purchase them today.  The set is available for $199.99 which is an awesome price for the set with a bag.  Also while you are there you can check out all of the other options for the junior golfer from golf balls to other clubs to add to the golf club set.

I hope this helped you in the search for the perfect set of golf clubs for your junior golfers.  If you have any questions or would like to leave a comment please do so below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.  Thank you for reading this review and good luck to you and your children out on the course.


All photos courtesy of Fairway Golf USA



USKids Ultralight 45


Ultralight 45



  • 4 Club Set
  • Stand Bag
  • 25% Lighter Club Head


  • Only 4 Clubs

10 thoughts on “Junior Golf Club Review, USKids Ultralight 45”

  1. I used to play golf with my Dad when I was a teenager.  I think we rented clubs from the clubhouse

    Is that ok also with a four foot child golfer?

    So I like the price, under two hundred dollars, but just four clubs seems like too few, maybe a couple more choices would make it easier to teach a child, especially when teeing off.  

    If you only have one wood to tee off with, a par three and a par five are much different.  

    • Yes a few more clubs might be nice but remember kids don’t have the club speed and strength that adults do.  You can always add more clubs and round out the set this is just a good place to start since it is a really good price and comes with a golf bag also.  They have many other choices also so click on the links and you can check them out.  This again is just how this set is sold for the beginning golfer.  Thank you for taking the time to read up on the golf clubs and comment.  Good luck out on the course.


  2. Hello Douglas;
    I appreciate your criticism, in fact I am the father of a little boy who develops a great passion for golf and as I have no experience in the matter I was lost in the idea of how to orient him in the choice of equipment when starting out in this sport and above all prices that I thought were high. Thank you for your information and explanations this really helps me to see more clearly.

    • I am happy to hear that your son has taken a liking to one of the best sports around.  Finding the right set of golf clubs can be a difficult task so I am trying to help put these sets out here for people to find and purchase.  Good luck to your son as he continues to love golf and learn how to play.  Thank you


  3. This looks like a really good starter set for a junior golfer and incredibly good value for money, especially with what looks like a good quality bag included in the price. I very much like that there are a limited number of clubs In the set as it not only makes learning the game easier by cutting out unnecessary clubs but should also reduce the overall weight for carrying.

    When I started playing golf years ago my father bought me a full set of clubs and not only was it incredibly heavy to carry around the course, but I also found it incredibly confusing to choose the correct club for the distance to the green. I think I only used about 5 of the clubs for years. For some reason it never crossed my mind to remove the clubs I didn’t use 🙂

    This will probably show my age as I don’t think they are still available, but my first set was the Sam Snead juniors by Wilson if I remember correctly. Before then I had been trying to use an adult set which was not very easy at 12 years old.

    I may have missed it on your site and/or the Fairway Golf USA site, but do you happen to know the weight of the bag and clubs?

    Thanks and kind regards


    • Yes as a kid I did the same thing had every club to choose from but didn’t know how to use them properly as far as distance goes.  As far as the weight I didn’t see it but with the small amount of clubs and the clubs being 25% less weight it should be fairly light for the kids to carry around.  Glad you got to learn the game at an early age and I hope you are still out there taking your best swings on the golf course.  Good luck on the course and I thank you for the comment.


  4. hi, I started golfing around 10 years old and I remember really not wanting to carry my golf bag, but instead needingto have wheels.  

    I only used the 5 iron, 7 iron, and 9 iron. I never used the 3 iron or 1 wood.

    for newbies just a few clubs are more then enough.  Make sure you bring extra golf balls for when you lose them in the trees.

    • Yea carrying a golf bag can be difficult but these sets are made for kids at certain heights to better the weight of the bag and what’s in it.  I would say losing golf balls is a thing that happens to everyone and I feel you can’t have enough balls when playing your golf rounds.  Thank you for the comment and good luck out on the golf course.


  5. Very good tips for a parent looking for a golf clubs for their kids. While the clubs has a range for the height (45” to 48”), I wonder how young usually the kids can start learning how to play golf. Or how young maybe the golf club would like to accept the student. My relatives would like to try their kids with golf and see their interest. I am planning to show them your post.

    • As far as I am concerned you can’t start them out to young just have to watch out on the course so you don’t hold up any other golfers.  I have taken my 4 and 6 year old kids out and if we played slow we just let people play ahead and wait for them to pass by.  One good thing is these clubs have some built in room as your kids will grow so you aren’t purchasing new sets every year.  Thank you for the comments and I will be adding more junior kids golf set reviews soon in the future.



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