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Junior golf clubs

So we all know that you have to start somewhere and learning how to golf as a young kid was one of the greatest things my parents could have done for me.  It taught me how to be patient with every shot that I had to take especially when putting as that was hard for me at first.  In the search for golf clubs for junior golfers, we have the US Kids Tour Series which is available at Fairway Golf USA.  Having a good set of golf clubs for the junior golfer in mind is key to the success of the golfer as most kids will want some quality golf clubs.  These golf clubs will fit the bill as they are reasonably priced as they might only get used for a season or two as the kids continue to grow.

US Kids Tour Series

So this set of golf clubs for juniors we are talking about is the US kids tour series T51 v15 10 club set.  That’s a lot of numbers and what not so that’s why we want to show you what they all mean.  For the first thing, this is a 10 club golf set.  It has ten clubs for the junior in mind that is in the height range from 51″ to 54″ and you can use these as a close measurement.  These golf clubs are meant for the more advanced junior golfer who is a little taller and getting better at using each club in the golf bag.

When looking for a set of golf clubs using the height measurement is the best way to find some golf clubs as the range stated will be really close for the golfer you are purchasing them for.  Once they start to use them they will find the best grip to use and find it easy to manipulate the best spot to put their hands.  Of course, this is a close measurement so you have to make sure that you plan for the height of the child and go from there as kids always continue to grow.

Having a good set of golf clubs as you grow is key to better your position on a golf team or golf league.  Having taken the height measurements of your child they will find it to be right around the right length of the golf club.  These golf clubs are made with graphite shafts making them lighter and soft on every shot.  Now when you say lighter they are 15% lighter than adult golf clubs are.  With the shafts having low flex you will get better control using them and an optimal ball flight for each shot.

Having the lighter golf clubs will help to speed up the golf shot which in turn will help with the distance of the golf shot.  As a junior golfer, the weight of the golf clubs will also help as the golf bag and clubs will be lighter when walking around the golf course.  Also, the lightness will help to be able to bring extra golf balls and tees as golfers can never have too many when they are starting out.  When looking for golf clubs if they don’t have a golf bag this set is pretty complete and you can add to it as you are ordering it.  Take a look at the list of clubs below that you will get with the set and also can add to the set when ordering.

Golf clubs included in the set are:

  • Driver
  • 3 Wood
  • 4 Hybrid
  • 5 Iron
  • 6 Iron
  • 7 Iron
  • 8 Iron
  • 9 Iron
  • Pitching Wedge
  • Sand Wedge

Golf clubs not included but can be added are:

  • A.I.M. Putter
  • 3 Hybrid
  • Gap Wedge 52
  • Lob Wedge 60

As stated above you can add these golf clubs to the set when you order them but some people feel the only club that is really needed is going to be the putter for now.  There are a lot of options for putters out there and maybe as a more advanced golfer, the putter that they have will continue to bring the right shots and feel that they are comfortable with.  That being said just watch out when ordering if you would like to make this a very complete set.  You can also get the putter that was talked about above to fulfill the set and get the golfer a more complete set.

The other nice features with these golf clubs if they will come with a golf bag.  Now the key feature of the golf bag is that you can customize the ball pocket to help your junior golfer stand out on the course if he or she is playing in a tournament or just want to make sure they keep their golf bag and clubs to themselves and not lose any.  The golf back is a stand bag that will come with a double strap for easy carrying and then they can fold out legs that will keep the bag standing when looking for the golf club they want without the bag laying in the dirt or wet grass.

The TS3 golf bag will come with many pockets for all of your junior golfer’s needs and have the partitions for the golf clubs to keep them apart from each other.  Having spots for your golf balls to and extra sweatshirt or rain jacket depending on the time of the year and weather that they are golfing in.  Also will have room for a bottle of water or some other beverage that they would like out on the golf course.  Another great thing for them to put in their bag will be a snack as walking around for 18 holes they will use a lot of energy and a good snack bar will add to that energy.

Searching for good junior golf clubs that fit the needs and height of your child can be a difficult task and we are hoping that this will help in the effort of finding some really good quality golf clubs for the junior golfer in mind.  When you want to go and purchase you can click on Fairway Golf USA and find this golf set and ordering options for the quality golf clubs in mind.  This set with the included 10 golf clubs and bag retails for $559.99 so head on over and find the deal you need for these golf clubs.

As always I thank Fairway Golf USA for the use of the photos.  If at any time you find the need to reach out and ask a question or leave a comment feel free to do so below and I will gladly get back to you as soon as possible.  You can leave an email address for me to contact you and feel free to subscribe to the website and receive an email when new content is added to the website.  Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you find this set of golf clubs to be of good quality and will last for the junior in mind.

Thank you again


USKids Tour Series TS3-51


Tour Series TS3-51



  • 10 Club Set
  • Stand Bag
  • Club Head Covers Included


  • Putter Not Included
  • Not Full 14 Club Set

10 thoughts on “Junior Golf Club Review, US Kids T51”

  1. Hi Douglas and thanks for this timely article.

    My son started playing golf two years ago and until now we e been hiring his clubs from the golf school. It’s definitely time to get him some of his own and these look like something Santa could certainly get for him. 

    My question is whether you recommend adding the extra clubs right away or if I’d be best to get the kit as is and then see how he likes the look and feel before purchasing additional equipment? 

    The price you’ve quoted is quite good as I’ve seen this exact set advertised at a higher price elsewhere 

    Thanks very much 

    • I would say if your son has been playing for awhile and has gotten to be a pretty good golfer I would add the putter for sure as it doesn’t come with a putter.  As far as the rest of the clubs it wouldn’t hurt to have the options in the golf bag as he will find use for each club once he starts to really use them.  Also if he doesn’t grow to fast they should last a few years for him for sure.  I hope that this helps you and if you have any more questions please feel free to leave some more here.

      Thank you 


  2. Hi Douglas thanks for this great review I have been eyeing this set for a while because my son has been asking for a set. I really don’t know anything about golfing so would this be everything he would need? My son is a beginner golfer so this will be his first set.

    • It would come with everything he would need but a putter which you can add to your order.  Of course you would have to also add some golf balls and tees if you want to round out the complete golf bag.  As a beginner he wouldn’t need to add all the extra clubs these would be a great start and you could add some other clubs in the future.  I hope this helps and if you need any more information just let me know.  Thank you very much 


  3. I agree with you that it is a great gift for kids to teach them golf at a young age. I’ve always been fascinated by it, and as I told you before, I am eager to learn how to play golf. The golf bag that comes with the clubs looks very nice and I like that it has partitions for golf balls. 

    What kind of clubs would you recommend for an adult beginner? Does it always depend on your height, or what other factors should one take into account?

    • This is the perfect golf set for kids but you have to remember that height is something to watch either as a child or adult.  The golf bag has lots of great features for the kids as they walk on the golf course.  As far as an adult purchasing golf clubs just beginning out I would see if you could rent some first or use your friends as they can get expensive.  If you find you like it then find a cheaper set at first.  I own a set of TaylorMade golf clubs but these are not cheap but have had for over ten years now.  Yes height does matter but most golf clubs can be customized to each individual but will add some cost.  Thank you for stopping by here again.


  4. Hi Douglas and i really love your article. development of sport activities in children gives them an edge over others. it helps them morally, physical and mentally, i have two nephews who are interested in golf. i think it is probably time to get them into the golf school. but do you think it will distract them if they engage this much in a sporting activity?

    • Benny playing golf as a kid can be very helpful to there mindset and patients in everything else they do as you need to have lots of patients for sure.  As far as golf school I think it is a great idea but if as a parent you think the kids are struggling cut back a little and give them time to learn both golf and regular schooling.  These are some great clubs for kids starting out or have some time out on the golf course.  Good luck finding them some clubs and thank you for leaving a comment here.


  5. Hi Douglas! My son has been wanting his junior golf clubs during all year long. And I have been planing to buy them for him for Christmas. Thanks for reminding me about the height measurement. I almost proceeded to purchase the set of golf clubs without bearing this into consideration. Thank you very much for this post. You’ve saved me from a mistake.

    • You bet and if you click on the link it will take you to Fairway Golf USA and then you can just switch out and find the right set for your son.  Getting a set of golf clubs as a kid will be an awesome gift that he will never forget but you will have to get more as he grows so save the site and come on back in the future.  Thank you 



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