Junior Golf Club Review, US Kids TS3-57

When you are looking out to purchase some golf clubs for a junior golfer you need to have some options and know what to look for.  You are going to be looking for a set of quality junior golf clubs that are sized correctly for the junior golfer in mind.  The set we are talking about below is a quality set of golf clubs that come with lots for the junior golfer in mind.  So check out all the details and see if this set is right for your junior golfer.  If this set doesn’t work for the height of your child you can check out some of the other reviews on junior golf club reviews of the US Kids brand on my site.  Just look for junior golf club reviews and you will find some to compare.

US Kids Tour Series TS3-57

Ok, here we have a great set of golf clubs that have been created for the more advanced golfer in mind.  This is going to be a great set of golf clubs meant for the golfer that has more experience golfing.  Has played many golf rounds and learned the ins and outs of what a golf club will do for them.  Learning how each golf club will work and how far each shot will go with a particular club is going to benefit the junior golfer in mind.

So purchasing this golf set you will find that it comes with a lot of golf clubs but you can also add to the set to help customize the set as you buy.  The set also comes with a golf bag which is meant for the junior golfer to carry on the course.  The golf bag has two shoulder straps making it easy to carry around without it being too clumsy.  It is also a stand bag which means it has two legs that will prop out when set down to keep the bag more upright to be able to choose the club with ease.

Most of the golf bags that come with these sets have lots of pockets for storing things like tees, ball markers, golf balls, and so much more.  Being able to carry some water and a snack is also a benefit to a junior golfer.  Spending a lot of energy walking on the course having the ability to eat some food and drink some fluid will help the golfer throughout the golf round.

Ok, the bag is awesome as we have found already but you are looking at what clubs you will get with the set so I have a list of the clubs that will come with the set.  Also a list of clubs that do not come with the set.  Most of the junior golf club sets will not come with a putter as they have found most junior golfers have a putter already that they are comfortable with.  You can add more clubs as needed when ordering so don’t think you can get it right away.

Also, there are two lists as you can purchase this set in a combo set of clubs which will have both graphite and steel shafts on the clubs.  You can purchase a set that is all graphite shafts just have to specify when ordering on which type of shafts you would prefer.

Here is the list of the 10 golf clubs that come with the set of combo clubs:

  • Launch 440cc Driver Graphite Shaft
  • 3 Wood Graphite Shaft
  • 4 Hybrid Graphite Shaft
  • 5 Iron Steel Shaft
  • 6 Iron Steel Shaft
  • 7 Iron Steel Shaft
  • 8 Iron Steel Shaft
  • 9 Iron Steel Shaft
  • Pitching Wedge Steel Shaft
  • Sand Wedge 56 Steel Shaft

And again there is not a putter included with any of these lists but you can add it onto the order.  Now the second list that has all graphite shafts.

  • Launch 440cc Driver Graphite Shaft
  • 3 Wood Graphite Shaft
  • 4 Hybrid Graphite Shaft
  • 5 Iron Graphite Shaft
  • 6 Iron Graphite Shaft
  • 7 Iron Graphite Shaft
  • 8 Iron Graphite Shaft
  • 9 Iron Graphite Shaft
  • Pitching Wedge Graphite Shaft
  • Sand Wedge 56 Graphite Shaft

Now again you can add clubs to the set when you order to get to that magic number of golf clubs.  Now that magic number is going to be 14 for those who don’t know this.  As a junior golfer, this won’t matter as much but you will want to get into the habit of this as they do get into tournaments and so on it is a two-stroke penalty per hole having too many golf clubs in the bag.

Asking the question I’m sure as to why have two options in this set for the type of shaft.  The graphite golf shafts are going to help give the golf club a little more flex to help out with the control of the golf shots.  Also, these shafts are a lot lighter and can help add distance with the less weight of the club.  Steel clubs will give you more feel and vibrations which some golfers like to feel on each shot.  So it can really be up to the golfer that is using them I would recommend the graphite shafts as they will be lighter and easier to swing as a junior golfer.

These golf clubs have been made for the golfer that is in between the heights of 57″ to 60″.  So that is why this is meant for the more advanced junior golfer as they will be older and have played more golf rounds.  Also here is the list of golf clubs that don’t come with the set but you can add them to the order.

  • A.I.M. Putter
  • 3 Hybrid Graphite or Steel Shaft
  • Gap Wedge 52 Graphite or Steel Shaft
  • Lob Wedge 60 Graphite or Steel Shaft

So in the search of a quality golf club set for junior golfers, this is a great set that comes with a lot of clubs and a bag with the option to add to the set when placing the order.  Again things to watch for when ordering this set of clubs it only comes with ten golf clubs and the putter is not one of them.  Check back to the list above to make sure you find the right clubs to have in the golf bag for your golfer.  This set is available for $559.99 and can be improved at Fairway Golf USA.  Click on the photos or the highlighted words to purchase today.

If you found this helpful but not the correct size clubs you can go and look at my Junior Golf Club Review for kids 45″ to 48″ in height.

In the search of good quality golf clubs for the junior golfer in mind, I hope you find this to be a great quality golf set.  If at any time you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.  Also, you can feel free to add your email to the subscribe area to the right and get updates as new info is added to the site.  Thank you for looking at this review and good luck out on the golf course with your junior golfers.






USKids Tour Series TS3-57


Tour Series TS3-57



  • 10 Club Set
  • Stand Golf Bag
  • Graphite Shafts


  • Putter Not Included
  • Not Full 14 Club Set

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  1. I really love golf and I have been playing it for sometime now and I have never had a course to regret it….not until now I haven’t been particular about my golf club because I just use regular clubs…but it’s my junior brother birthday in a few days and I have always wanted he to start out with golfing I think I would get him this Junior golf club

    • Well that’s awesome that you love to golf and even better that your brother wants to get into golfing.  I hope you can find the perfect set of golf clubs for him.  Thank you for stopping by and come back as I will continue to add more golfing posts.


  2. I am a golfer, so any website or online store that focuses on golf is a favorite place for me to hang out at. This article and review on the Junior Golf Club, US Kids TS3-57 was a good read and I picked up some valuable information. The clubs look great and would make a fine addition to any young player’s gear.

    It is a strong point for me that you have two options for the shafts. The graphite will be better for some who are looking for a little more control and distance while the steel shafts will provide more of a feel for the shots. I prefer the graphite option but I am sure there are some that like the steel better.

    There is also a good assortment of clubs you get and the bag is also good for that young golfer that needs to have the storage space for all the things they feel the need to drag around. Overall a nice set and one I would buy for my grandson who is at the age for a new set. Great review, thanks!

    • Thank you for taking the time to read the review and it really is amazing how far along golf companies have come with golf clubs not only for men and women but kids also.  I am glad you love checking out golf equipment as I am a huge fan of reading and learning about new golf equipment all the time.  Thank you again and good luck out on the golf course.


  3. Hey thank you for the awesome review!! I have been looking for a good golf set for my nephew, whom likes to golf with me actually!! This looks like a good qualities set as well! It’s hard to find that because some sets just don’t have quality material, or they don’t come in sets. So thanks for the recommendation!

    • That’s awesome that you can take your nephew out on the course.  Who doesn’t like to help family members play golf and show them a great sport to take up and learn.  It is amazing how hard it is to find a great set of clubs with quality golf materials so glad to keep adding such great info.  Thank you again


  4. Thank you for a most informative post. It is good to know what they need, especially for a non golfer like myself.

    I have a daughter interested in taking golf up at school and I am just worried that this is a passing fad and may not last. I don’t want to spend too much on clubs and I wonder if you could tell me the four most important clubs that one cannot do without for her to start with.

    • Well the first would be a putter as you need that on  the green.  Then maybe a 7 iron and a driver.  As you need to be able to hit good long shots with the driver and a 7 iron is a very versatile club you could use for chipping as well as hitting little longer shots.  Then I would say a 4 iron as this would be the longest of the irons and would help with distance shots also.  Then maybe a wedge for those short chip shots around the green or in the sand.  I hope this helps you in the search for some golf clubs for you daughter.  Thank you


  5. Hi Douglas! I want to buy this junior golf club for my son. He’s just starting and he’s really excited. Thanks for mentioning that the putter is not included with any of these lists. I’ll also search for one.

    PD: and thanks for reminding me 14 is the max of golf clubs. Not only my sons a newbie. LOL

    • That is the most golf clubs allowed on the PGA Tour but when starting out it’s not that important.  Although it’s a good practice to teach once they are older to have the correct amount of clubs.  And I wanted to make sure there was enough info for everyone looking to purchase these clubs.  I hope you find what you need and if not come back here and let me know.  Thank you 


  6. Hello Douglas, thanks you for sharing this review of Junior Golf club. Golf has been one of the best games in the history of man. It is fun to play and very good for our health too. Getting a junior golf club for the little one would have been a hard decision to make but it’s no brainer since you’ve taken your time to put this review together to point us in the right direction.

    My best regards and profound gratitude.

    • Thank you for checking the review out it can be very hard to find golf clubs for kids.  That is why I wanted to show you guys some of the best options for kids.  There are many more so look around on my site as I am adding more reviews as often as I can.  Thank you again.



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