Junior Golf Club Review, TaylorMade Rory Sets

Junior Golf Club Review, TaylorMade Rory Sets

TaylorMade Rory Sets

You have kids and want to get a set of golf clubs for them.  I think I have found the perfect sets for you to check out.  Here is my junior golf club review of the TaylorMade Rory McIlroy golf club sets.

These have been created with Rory and TaylorMade to be the greatest set of golf clubs for kids.  Making them be the best and newest technology for kids to use on course.  As Rory learned how to golf at an early age, 5 I believe, he was given a set of golf clubs and wants kids to have the same experience as he did as a kid.

As far as these golf clubs are concerned they are going to fulfill the needs of your child for sure.  They come in a few different sets and in both blue and pink.  Also, they come in an 8 piece set or a 6 piece set.  Which means they come with the golf clubs and the golf bag.


TaylorMade Rory McIlroy 6 Piece Set

TaylorMade has created the 6 piece set of golf clubs for the junior golfer that is the height from 42″ to 52″ tall.  They also recommend ages 4-8 for this set of golf clubs as these are made more for the age and height ranges.  Being able to purchase a set of golf clubs that your child can grow into is great and hopefully will last them a few years as well.

Junior Golf Club Review, TaylorMade Rory Sets
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These clubs are made to last just as my set of TaylorMade golf clubs has as well.  I think mine is over ten years old and still is a great set of golf clubs.  Knowing that my set has lasted this long I can tell you these sets will last as well.

Another key feature that comes with the sets is the stand bag.  A stand bag for golf or walking bag makes it easier for the golfer to reach into the bag and choose the right golf clubs.  Also keeping the bag and clubs off the ground keeping them clean and tidy.

So the 6 piece set comes with a few clubs that have been created to make this the perfect set for the beginner golfers.  Your child is going to get a driver which has the perfect setup on the club for the beginner.  It will be able to let the golfer hit it in the air quicker with the 16-degree loft on the club.

The driver is also made of titanium which will keep it lighter and easier to use for your child.  With the lighter weight, the golfer will be able to hit high drives with consistent swings.  This will build confidence in the young golfer helping to make the golf round enjoyable.

The next two clubs are going to be the clubs that will fill in between the driver and the irons.  The fairway wood and the rescue clubs are going to be able to be used on many different shots on the golf course when they are looking for the added distance that they can’t get with the irons.

Now you have three of the clubs in the golf set the next clubs are the irons which you will find two of them in the 6 piece set.  These irons have a higher degree loft to help get the ball off the ground faster and into the air.  When they get the ball in the air kids will enjoy each golf shot more and build confidence for them.

The 7-iron and the 9-iron are the clubs that come with this set and they will be perfect to learn how to hit shots around the green and just off the green where better control of each shot is needed.  Then the other club is going to be the sand wedge which will also help around the green but also made for the sand trap shots.

Now, most kids won’t know how to use these clubs right away but the are made to be lighter and more comfortable to learn the game of golf.  We also can’t forget the last club in the bag that comes in the set.

Junior Golf Club Review, TaylorMade Rory Sets
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This club is the putter of course and if you don’t have a putter in the bag you really can’t make putts on the green.  The putter comes with a center-mounted shaft which will give way more control of each putt and help to push the ball straight off the center of the club.  Another thing about the putter is that it is a mid-mallet or made to be a little bigger head to push the control of the shots.

One final part of the set which might be the best is the driver club headcover that is made to be just like the one Rory uses on the tour.  It is made to look like a St. Bernard which is meant to show how powerful Rory is with his drives on the golf course.

That the set of TaylorMade junior golf clubs and just as a reminder if your child is 8 and up look at the set below and they are meant for an older and taller child.

You can also check out this short video of Rory talking about these great golf club sets.

TaylorMade Rory McIlroy 8 Piece Set

This set of 8 is going to be manufactured to be just like the 6 piece set but has a lot of the same clubs that are made to be longer for the taller child.  It will still come with the stand bag making it easier to walk the golf course and keep the clubs and bag off the ground.

Junior Golf Club Review, TaylorMade Rory Sets
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Now it will, of course, have a driver and this will be made just the same as the one above just made for the taller golfer.  Still going to give you that 16-degree face which will help get the ball into the air and help to create distance once in the air.

You will still see a fairway wood and rescue club which will help on the longer shots in the fairway whereas a junior golfer might not have the distance with an iron.  The 3-wood will give you much more distance once the golfer has learned how to hit it off the ground.  As I was learning my Dad would put the ball on a tee to help with the shots in the fairway until I got the shots off the ground figured out.

The rescue club which is also really a 5-wood that is also great for longer shots in the fairway or the rough but the ball sitting up nice and high in the grass.  Learning to use these clubs will help with the distance of the hole and get the score down as they will hopefully be taking fewer shots.

Then you have the irons which will again be the 7-iron and the 9-iron which are also going to help with the shots in the fairway off the green.  Longer shots can be made with these and there is also one more club for shorter shots into the green.

The last club that you will need for shots around the green is going to be the sand wedge.  These clubs have been made to help get the ball up off the ground or the sand really fast as most of the sand traps are very close to the greens.

Junior Golf Club Review, TaylorMade Rory Sets
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Really this is the last golf club and that is the putter that has the center shaft location for better control and feel with each putt.  The best part about this set is that it is made fo the golfer that is 8 and up but in the height range of 52″ to 60″ tall.  Giving you the chance to purchase these as they are 8 and let them play until they are older and taller.

One last thing we can’t forget they do also come with that awesome St. Bernard looking driver headcover.  Made to look just like the one on Rory’s driver on tour the kids will be proud to look just like their favorite golfer on tour.


TaylorMade Junior Golf Clubs

Well, there you have two awesome sets of golf clubs for junior golfers.  Remember that you can get them in pink or blue and in the two different sizes.  I hope that you have enjoyed reading this and found it to be very informative.

On your way out you can click here on Worldwide Golf Shops site to purchase a set today for your child golfer that wants to keep playing with a great set of golf clubs.  Once you have clicked on Worldwide Golf Shops you will be able to find the pricing for the sets.

Some people like to find everything on Amazon which you will be happy to know that they are also available on Amazon today just click on the links and they will take you there where you can find the pricing as well.

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You can also click on the link below to Wikipedia and learn what a golf club is and how it is used on the golf course.


Thank you for stopping and reading this review on some great junior golf clubs.  If you have any questions or would like to leave a comment feel free to do so below and I will return the answer to you as soon as possible.  All the best to you on the golf course with the kids this year.





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  1. I knew millennials didn’t kill golf after all! I appreciate the in-depth description of your review here; it’s easy to tell exactly what I’d be getting into from your description. Rory gold clubs seem like a promising product for sure, since they seem to be made to last and endure. Having to buy new ones consistently can be a hassle, so if I can find something of quality that is the main thing I look for!

    • I thank you for stopping by and reading this article.  Sounds like you like the golf clubs and would want quality golf clubs.  These golf clubs will be a great set for your child and they will enjoy them for years.  Thank you once again and enjoy the rest of the day.


  2. Hello

    Thank you for that interesting review of Children golf club sets, as you often wonder what set to buy your child who is interested in golf. You wonder if the clubs are too long, too heavy and too difficult for the child to use. I think this review is very useful as I now understand more about what is required in buying clubs for young children. It is very important to get them interested whilst young and what can be off-putting is bad pieces of equipment that can lead to frustration. As children are not the same height, what do you recommend if the child is smaller or taller than normal?



    • I am so glad to have you stop by and leave a comment.  As far as the height of the child they have two different options and they also have height recommendations.  Age is also a factor when looking into either of these sets.  The first age is from 4-8 and the second is 8-outgrown in height which was 60″.  Thank you again and I hope you can get a great set soon.



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