Junior Club Sets, Callaway XJ Sets

Junior Club Sets, Callaway XJ Sets

Callaway Junior XJ Club Sets

Most kids these days are looking to have a great set of golf clubs just like their parents.  These junior club sets, Callaway XJ sets, have been made for kids and come in 4 different size ranges.  When looking to purchase these golf club sets you will need to go by the height of your child.

When you can measure the child you can have a better feel of the right length of golf clubs.  The one problem that most of us parents run into is that our kids grow up so darn fast.  I have a few friends that have had to get new clubs every year as their kids outgrow them within a year.

So it is a great idea to do the research as you have stopped here to check them out now.  Down below this, you will find all 4 of the sets and what they come with and the heights recommended for your child to use.

Also, all 4 of these club sets come with walking or carrying bags.  The bags are meant to hold all the clubs up off the ground and make it easier to choose the clubs from the bag.

Callaway  XJ1 4PC Sets

Junior Club Sets, Callaway XJ Sets
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This first set you can get for boy’s or girl’s and they come in a blue or white bag.  The color of the bag really doesn’t matter when looking if they are for a boy or a girl they are still the same golf clubs.  Some people may just put it out there that the colors are for a boy or girl and they are not.

So now that we know all that let’s get into these first set of 4 Callaway junior golf clubs.  The first thing you will need to know is the height of your child boy or girl if they fit in the 38″ to 46″ range than these are the right set of clubs for them.

The set comes with the walking bag and also with the 4 clubs.  The first club of the 4 is the fairway wood.  Now as you might guess it’s not a driver but Callaway has made these sets of clubs to perform at the age and height levels that you want them to use them in.

These 4 clubs are made to be able to hit the golf ball easier and not have too many options of clubs as a kid.   The fairway wood will be perfect off the tee box and anywhere on the course as your child gets used to using the golf clubs.

The next club in this set is going to be the 7-iron which is the perfect club to learn to hit in the fairway or those shots that got off to the side and in the rough.  Learning the basics of hitting the golf clubs is more important at this age than getting the distance.

Junior Club Sets, Callaway XJ Sets
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The 7-iron with help your child get more confidence when trying to hit the ball.  This, in turn, will help to benefit you and your child so they don’t sit and dwell on having so many golf clubs.

The next club is going to be the sand wedge.  Now, this is gonna work great for a lot of shots, of course, the main one is out of the sand trap but some kids might not be able to hit it out.  They can get pretty deep sometimes.  But this will be good for the short shots around the green.

The last club in this set is going to be the putter.  Which you can’t head out onto the golf course without a putter.  The great thing about this putter is it has been made for the child in the height range above.

Now that we have the info for the first set of junior golf clubs you can keep reading and find the links below to purchase them.


Callaway  XJ2 6PC Sets

Junior Club Sets, Callaway XJ Sets
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Going with the same moto above these golf clubs have been made for the child that is in between the height range of 47″ to 53″.  Made again to be easy to swing and lightweight yet for the child that is a little taller.

This 6 club set also comes with a walking bag in blue or white colors.  The walking bag helping to keep the bottom of the clubs up so you can see the club numbers and choose the correct club.  It is also a stand bag that has legs that prop out as you set the bag down to keep the clubs up and clean.

Speaking of clubs you now will see that this set comes with a driver.  When your child has grown into this set of clubs they already have learned the basics of the golf swing and keeping their eyes on the ball.  Perfect time to put this club in the bag to try out and add some distance with each drive.

It will still come with the fairway wood but again longer to adjust to your growing child.  Now, this club will be used primarily just hitting it off the ground and in the fairway as the club is called.

Junior Club Sets, Callaway XJ Sets
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You will also see the 7-iron which now your child will have great practice with and can enjoy a better distance with each shot.  The other iron that will come with this set is the 9-iron.  This club is meant for shots closer to the green but with practice, they will find the perfect distance they can hit it.

The next club is again the sand wedge which again will be used to chipping short shots around the green.  Also, using it in that dreaded sand trap but now they might have a little more time in the sand and know how it works to hit out.

The last club will be the putter which is only used on the green or very close off the green.  Learning how to use the golf clubs will make golfing even more fun with you.  Keep reading and you will find some links to go and purchase these golf clubs.


Callaway  XJ3 7PC Sets

Junior Club Sets, Callaway XJ Sets
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Now I am not going to bore you with the same information above because there is only one more club added to the level 3 set.  By the way, they are called level 1-2-3 just because that’s how the height ranges go.  The last set will be for the teen but that’s in just a few more words.

The club that comes with this set is the hybrid club.  If you are not familiar with this golf club that is just fine and I can tell you it is a mix between a wood and an iron.  If you want some more information or I guess want to read more into the hybrid golf clubs click on the link below for Wikipedia.


Oh, shoot I forgot to tell you the height range for the XJ3 golf clubs.  The height range will be 54″-61″ and is the tallest that these sets go to and this is the set with the most clubs.  Again, I didn’t want to bore you with the same details above so if you need to reread just head up and check it out again.

So now you have seen 3 great options for your kids as they learn and progress in the world of golf.  The last set I want to tell you about is the set for the teenage golfers.  Keep reading on that below and also keep going for the links to purchase below.


Callaway Junior’s XT Package Set

Junior Club Sets, Callaway XJ Sets
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This right here you guys are the ultimate set for the junior golfer in the house.  These golf clubs have been made for the golfer from the ages of 11 to 13 and not so much of the height anymore as they are just shy of your golf club lengths.

Now, remember that these are made for your child that has been golfing for a few years now and has a lot of good golfing skills.  This set will help with long drives and more consistent shots all around the golf course.  Also, the set comes with the carrying bag or walking bag making it easy to carry.

You don’t want your kids using your clubs so go ahead and order a set of these and maybe you will want to use their clubs.  This set comes with a few more golf clubs that the others above and I will list them below.

So you can see this set comes with a few more club options as the kids are starting to get the ball in the air and want to have a better distance on the golf course.  All of the sets we have talked about here are going to be lightweight and easy to handle on the golf course.

Practice makes perfect so as I did when I was a kid and received my first set of golf clubs I went and ripped up the yard with the clubs.  I had divets everywhere from trying to hit the cover off the golf ball.  Your child will enjoy this set as they have grown out of the other 3 great sets above.

Here is a little video from Youtube that helps to show how these golf clubs will give your children a huge smile on the golf course.  Check it out.

Callaway Junior Golf Clubs

So there you have it guys and gals some great golf clubs for the kids that want to go out on the golf course with you on every round.  Having that great set will be one of the perks of golfing side by side with you as they enjoy each shot.

Now, right below here you can check out and find the links to purchase these great Callaway golf clubs.  Just click on the highlighted words and it will take you there and let you know the pricing.  These range from $199.99-$549.99 and with sales and so on it is better to go and check them there.

Worldwide Gold Shops has these great set and you can click on the links below to get your child a pair today.

Callaway  XJ1 4PC Sets,    Callaway  XJ2 6PC Sets,    Callaway  XJ3 7PC Sets,    Callaway Junior’s XT Package Set.

I know that some of you love to shop at Amazon so the links are below just click on one of them and purchase a set today.

Callaway  XJ1 4PC Sets,    Callaway  XJ2 6PC Sets,    Callaway  XJ3 7PC Sets,    Callaway Junior’s XT Package Set.

I hope you have found this to be of great information about these golf club sets and that your children will enjoy them for years to come.  If at any time you have a question or would like to leave a comment, feel free to do so below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Thank you for your time and good luck out on the golf course.  Hit em straight and long.



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  1. I think Callaway is right on par with these sets. It’s great to see kids getting into sports, especially if it’s one that they can play with their parents; when we’re kids, that is the funnest thing! It’s nice that the sets are made for different sizes and ages of children. It might seem a little expensive for some parents to keep the right sizes on hand, but it makes a huge difference for kids to be able to have the right size of sporting equipment. I hope lots of parents get to see your article!

    • Thank you for stopping by and reading.  It is very important to have the right size equipment in golf as you will struggle to play with too short or too long of golf clubs.  Sometimes the price is worth it to get a better product and the Callaway golf clubs will fit the bill for sure.  Many children will enjoy these clubs for years to come.



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