Great Golf Gifts, Find a few for you!

Golf Gifts

Who out there doesn’t want to get a gift of golf for Christmas?  Well, why do you have to only buy great golf gifts for Christmas can’t you give them all year long?  This is the time of the year to find and give some great gifts and here are some of my favorite golfing gifts that you can give over the holidays and more.  Remember golf is a sport that you can play year-round so don’t think that just Christmas time is the only time you can give out golf gifts.  Finding a good quality golf gift can be something that a person who doesn’t golf a very hard thing to find so take a look and find some options for your golfing family members.


Callaway Tumbler Set

So in the search for a great golf gift you can purchase a Callaway 30 oz. tumbler set that comes with a custom Callaway tumbler mug.  With a stainless steel double-walled tumbler you will get hours of cold drinks while out on the golf course.  Keeping your drinks cold will be a plus as you can be out on the golf course for a few hours.  Having the custom lettering with the Callaway golf words on the outside of the cub.  Being vacuum insulated adding to the insulation helping to keep the drinks cold on the inside and the warmth outside.  Also having a large amount of 30 oz. helping to have lots of your favorite drinks available for the golf round.

No this is a gift set so not only do you get the great tumbler you will also be getting them a couple of Callaway golf balls.  Two Callaway Warbird golf balls come in the tumble giving you the extra advantage to give more than just the tumbler.  These golf balls will go great for the beginning golfer or the more advanced golfer when used out on the golf course.

Now you also will find some golf tees in the tumbler set and who can’t go without golf tees.  You can’t tee up your golf ball without golf tees so it’s a great thing that they come in the set.  Also, you are going to get a double tool to use out on the course.  It is a divot repairer for those shots you take onto the green and the golf ball makes a hole or scuffs up the green you can repair the grass with ease.  Not only that but it doubles as a ball alignment tool where you can take your marker and mark the golf ball for straight-line golf putts and lining them up.

The last thing that you will get with the tumbler set is a poker chip that doubles as a ball marker.  Looking cool out on the course by marking your ball location on the green with a poker chip that has the Callaway wording on it will be a cool addition to any golfer’s pocket.  This five in one gift will be one of the greatest gifts that you can give an avid golfer.

When you are looking for this gift you can head on over to and purchase this today.  Remember this can be a gift for Christmas, Mother’s day, fathers day, birthdays and so on.  The gift set costs $28.99 right now so get there and get yourself one now!!!  Click on the link and give the gift of golf accessories today.


3-pack Greens Towel

So as most golfers will know that having a great towel hanging on the side of your golf bag is one of the necessary tools to have with you on the course.  From keeping your hands dry on the moist days on the course to helping to clean your golf clubs off after every shot you take.  These are the perfect size for anyone on the course being 16″ X16″ they are very small yet durable.  Made of microfiber you will be able to even clean off your sunglasses or eyeglasses without any streaking.

These microfiber towels come in a 3-pack as said but what I didn’t say is that you can buy them in 10 different colors for any of your color needs.  They also come with a clip so you can keep one on your golf bag and one on a belt loop for cleaning your golf ball off on the green.  These towels will help to get all the dimples clean on your golf ball and get into the groves on your clubface so you get that perfect shot off the club every time.

Having a 3-pack of towels you can keep one in your car to your golf bag and even your pocket.  You can also find these on for the super low price of $11.97 which will be an amazing gift for the golfer you are buying this for or a gift to yourself.


Practice Putting Green

Now, who wouldn’t want to be able to practice putting in the house or the garage.  Here is the Putt-a-Bout Grassroots Par 3 Putting Green that is a 9′ by 3′ putting surface for all of you putting practice needs.  Now you also get 3 different cups or holes to put your putts into with a kidney-shaped look and some built-in sand traps at the back of the holes to stop the ball from rolling off if you miss.

With a super durable and quality putting surface, you will be happy to be practicing your putts year-round.  With a non-slip bottom, the putting practice area will not slip as you walk on it and around it.  Being able to practice your putting stroke at any time will help to better you’re putting out on the course finding the control you need.

Now, who wouldn’t want one of these for a gift?  You can go to and get one of these for a great gift or even a gift for yourself to practice those all-important golf putts.  They are on sale right now for $38.49 so click on the link and head on over.  Link is highlighted words just above and good luck to you out one the putting green.



Golf Pen Set

Ok here is a great gift for that golfer that never can stop talking about golf at any point in their day.  So why not get them the ultimate pen set that comes with a mini putting green in the box.  The pen tip is hidden under the golf grip for easy access to start writing out all of the thank you notes for the gifts that you get in all the holiday seasons.

The golf set comes with a flag and three golf clubs and the putting green is in the cover of the box for convenience.  You will also have two golf balls that all sit neatly in the box so they can be stored away easily if you want them off to the side and out of the way.  Who wouldn’t want to be able to get some really short putts in right at their own desks?

Now this isn’t a training aid or anything like that but you will be able to have a little fun with this taking a little break throughout the day.  Also, another awesome feature is the three golf clubs come in three different writing inks.  The driver comes in red color the iron is going to be a black color and the putter is a blue color.  Made of high-quality aluminum they will withstand all the fun little shots you will be making on your desk.

If you are in need of a great gift here it is and you can find it on for the low price right now at $13.99.  Click on the picture or the highlighted words above and head on over to Amazon now and get one or a few today.


Find More

In the search of golf gifts, it can be hard to find some so click on the links that I have here to find some more great golf gifts.

Great Golf Gifts, Find them here!   Great Golf Gifts, Anytime of the year!  These links both have some more great ideas for you and your friends to find golf gifts.  If at all you needed more information or have questions please feel free to leave them in the comments below and I will get back to you as soon as possible and thank you for stopping by my site.


10 thoughts on “Great Golf Gifts, Find a few for you!”

    • Glad you could come check out some gift ideas hopefully you can find some great gifts. All golfers love to get golfing gifts at anytime of the year so remember you can get them anything anytime of the year. Thank you.

  1. Good gift ideas, Douglas.  I’m not a golfer any more but I have a couple of brothers that still get out on the links.

    I think a couple of these might be fitting for either of them.  the towels for crying in and a putting green to help with accuracy.  (they both suck at putting).  

    These are relatively inexpensive as well so they won’t break the bank.

    Thanks for these nifty ideas,


    • That is to funny about the towels for sure I could use them to cry into on each and every round.  I hope that you can find a great gift and have some fun telling them about the crying towels.  At least there are three of them if they cry to much.  Thank you again and good luck to you giving the best golf gifts.


  2. This is the time of the year when we give and others surprise us with gifts. I have a couple of people I greatly appreciate to whom I’d like to give a gift. I’m evaluating options. And your site has helped me. I really liked the golf pen set. It’s so cool and I know the person to whom I want to give it, will love it. Thanks.

    • Yea I would love any of these gifts and the pen gifts are so cool they have that built in hole in the cover and have different colors of pens.  I hope you can find a few gifts and I am going to be adding more and more throughout the year as gifts can be given at any time of the year birthdays fathers day mothers day and so on.  Thank you again and good luck to you in the future.


  3. I’ve always wanted a Practice Putting Green. I have pictured myself in my house practicing. And it’s so affordable. I like shopping in Amazon because it’s very convenient and $38.49 is nothing.

    I have a friend that dramatically changed his control and his putting out on the course got so much better. And this was his secret. 

    • Yes I have used some in the past and they can help you with your putter stroke.  When in the cold winter months and you can’t golf this will help you keep that good putter stroke.  I hope that you find a great gift and good luck out there on the golf course.


  4. With the holidays fast approaching, every golfer is expecting at least one gift related to golf this Christmas. There are many golf-related Christmas gifts available on the market that you can gift for the golfers in your family this holiday and you have pointed out a lot. But, there might be so many ideas golf can be stressful, especially finding gifts for golfers who have everything that they need. thanks for the great review

    • Wait a minute golfers always need more and these gifts are perfect I personally would love anyone of the gifts.  And yes the golfer we all know also has everything.  But one always loves a good gift from a friend or relative.  Thank you for the comment on the site and good luck to you finding a gift.  



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