Golf glove review, Likes Dislikes

So as we all know as golfers golf gloves can help to create a firm and solid grip on the club.  In the golf glove review, I have decided to take a couple of gloves and talk about some of the features and help to give you as the golfer some options.  Most golf gloves are made with leather to help keep them feeling soft and comfortable and have some built-in features different from the next to help stand out from one another.  I hope this list will help to look for a pair of gloves and show you that there are a lot of options and these are just a few.

If you have ever used a golf glove you will understand the reasons for having one.  If you have never had or used a golf glove there are a few things to look for.  The first being comfort, if it’s not comfortable with a golf club in your hand you will never use it at all.  Second is the overall feel and if it feels that it will allow for some airflow.  So read on and check them all out I personally don’t have a glove as of now as it has been overused and put in the garbage can but I used to go with a TaylorMade golf glove when I had one, but choose for yourself and enjoy the post.

Mizuno Tour Glove

Golf glove review, Likes Dislikes

The first golf glove review we have is the Mizuno Tour golf glove.  This glove has been made like most others with a leather called Cabretta.  The leather has been created to give you a very soft feel when taking your golf shots but not leaving out a super comfortable feel.

The glove has been made to be very comfortable and yet with it being leather one tends to worry about it breathing when it’s on your hand.  If you are not used to wearing a glove when golfing the main concern would be temperature and sweating of the hand.  They have tried to help get rid of this by perforating the leather in key areas of the hand to help get some airflow into the glove.

The Mizuno glove has a Fitbridge pattern created on the glove to give you a very comfortable feel.  This is on the inside of the glove that will help to give you a comfortable fit from the palm of your hand all the way to the velcro strap.  The perforations on the back of the glove are where you will see much of the airflow, even the small amount with the small holes.  The thumb has been double stitched also which will give you a really secure fit also adding to the comfort of the glove.

Having a soft comfortable glove in your bag is what the Mizuno team has been after when creating the Tour glove.  Get yours now and start having a super comfortable and sticky grip to your club on every shot.  Available at Amazon and where I like to go for my golf equipment Fairway Golf USA.  At Fairway Golf USA they have many options and you can find more than just golf gloves for your next golf round.

FootJoy Spectrum 3-pack

Golf glove review, Likes Dislikes

Ok, so I picked this golf glove to add to this list because they are some of the most colorful gloves you can buy.  They come in a three-pack at Fairway Golf USA and you can choose the colors you want in the three-pack.  They are some of the most vibrant colors for gloves and they will stand out next to white gloves any day on the course.

Now really who doesn’t want so flashy gloves out on the golf course.  These golf gloves are made again with the Cabretta Golf glove review, Likes Dislikesleather but have been tanned to help keep out that water and sweat while keeping the soft feel of the leather on your hand.  Which is what you are looking for with a glove not having a wet hand the entire golf round.

The FootJoy Spectrum golf glove has the trademark PowerNet mesh design that is very breathable elastic which will help to get enhanced cooling comfort with each shot.  Having a great fit and flexibility in the glove is helped by the mesh.

Golf glove review, Likes DislikesThe again trademarked PowerSof fabric on the back of the glove is going to give you that consistent fit you are looking for.  Also giving you the moisture management control that you want in a golf glove.  Having all the cool colors is another great feature of this glove.  You can find these on Amazon only in a single glove package.  But I have found this 3-pack at Fairway Golf USA.  Pick your favorite colors and have 3 to help match up with your outfit of the round.



Titleist Players Glove

Golf glove review, Likes Dislikes

Now we have the glove chosen by tour pros on the PGA Tour.  Now, this glove again has been made with the Cabretta leather and has been created with some well-placed seam lines to add comfort to your grip.  As before all golf gloves have been made to do just that,  give you a great grip on the club without sacrificing great comfort.

This glove has an ultrathin leather for advanced feel and long-lasting performance.  The Titleist Players golf glove has a Golf glove review, Likes Dislikesproprietary breathable fabric adding that extra comfort to your hand.   This also is going to give you more support with the grip of the club for your golf shots.  The thumb and cuff have satin to help reinforce the glove and add strength and durability.

This glove is available in men’s and women’s designs.  You can find these on Amazon but I found that the best spot to look at and get these gloves is at Fairway Golf USA.  Go check them out and get a golf glove that you have always needed for that added grip.


TaylorMade Tour Preferred Flex

Golf glove review, Likes Dislikes

So another golf glove to add to this comparison is the TaylorMade glove.  This one is made with the highest quality AAA Cabretta leather to get you that exceptional golf club grip you’re looking for.  As most of the other gloves above have been made with this leather again it’s some of the best leather you can find with a very thin design.

The glove has been made with the ultimate flex 4-way stretch insert.  This is going to give you a great fit for the comfort and feel ofGolf glove review, Likes Dislikes the handle of the club.  Having breathable gloves are key to keeping your hands dry and free of moisture.  Having the perforated glove will give you that increased airflow needed for a dryer hand.

The wristband has a contoured fit and feels giving you more moisture-wicking technology for comfort.  Again grip is everything when using golf gloves so it’s an added bonus having the glove fit perfect on your hand.  Find these on Amazon or of course my favorite golf shop Fairway Golf USA.  You can find these and many other options of golf gloves and equipment here by clicking on the link.


Srixon Z-STAR Premium

Golf glove review, Likes DislikesAnother golf glove brought to you by Srixon using the highest quality Cabretta leather for a consistent feel and comfortable grip.  This leather is a super smooth feel and very thin design.  As with most leather gloves you want them to last for many golf rounds.

The cabrex-esx tanning that goes with the Srixon glove is a process using a hybrid resin which helps to give the glove it’s soft feel.  Having a soft glove will ultimately get you that grip you are looking for at the club.  With this process of tanning and resin procedure, you will, in turn, find the leather to last longer without breaking down from sweating and using in wetter conditions.

Some people choose golf gloves to match the equipment they use.  Almost all of the golf gloves that can be purchased have been made with the Cabretta leather so choosing a glove can be difficult.  This glove has that extra step to help ensure the longevity of the leather.  It also comes in white or black depending on the needs of color matching your golfing attire.Golf glove review, Likes Dislikes

When searching for a golf glove the leather lasting a long time is the key to the glove.  Also having the glove stay soft and last you for a season or two helps to keep that cost down on your yearly golf budget.  If you are searching out this golf glove you can find it on Amazon or Fairway Golf USA and again there are many more gloves and equipment here that they have for your golfing needs.


Puma Malbon

Golf glove review, Likes DislikesSo here we have a golf glove that has taken it to the next level and is trying to add a bit of fashion to the glove look.  It is made with Cabretta leather but is in a very chic brown color so you can use it on the course and continue to use off of the course whether it’s in your car driving and out on the town.  If you are looking to add a glove to your fashionable outfit this one for you.

With the Puma Malbon, you will be receiving a 4-way stretch design that has been placed across the knuckles of the glove helping to get more flex on your grip of the golf club.  It has perforated leather which again will help to greaten the amount of airflow helps to keep the moisture down and the breathability to the max.Golf glove review, Likes Dislikes

Again if you need a golf glove that can take you from the course to the car here it is.  The soft feel of the leather and the and added palm design will help you to add to the fashionable outfits that you wear on the course.  This glove can be found at Fairway Golf USA where not only you will find gloves but everything you need for golf.



So there you have a few options for golf gloves and places to go and check them out.  Remember when trying on the gloves it’s best to have a golf club around so you can put your hand onto the club and feel what the glove feels like to you.  Soft and comfortable are nice but you want to make sure it is also snug so it won’t slide around and screw up your golf shots if the glove slips.  If that happens then it was pointless to go out and buy a golf glove at all.

If at anytime you feel you have more questions or want to comment about this post or any other on my website feel free to do so and I will get back to you as soon as I can.  Remember to click on the links to go and buy the gloves or find other golf equipment and good luck out on the links and hit them long and straight.  All photos in this post are courtesy of Fairway Golf USA.

Thank you


Check out a great video on FootJoy golf gloves.

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  1. Hi Douglas,

    I have never used gloves before but it sure seems to be a benefit. Even though I rarely play, I may need to pick up a pair before my next outing. Site is great! Thanks for the info.

    • It is really amazing that putting on a leather glove will help with the overall grip of the golf clubs. I hope you will find the right one for you and enjoy it. Good luck to you out on the golf course and thank you for stopping by. Check back as I will continue to add more to the site as soon as possible. Thank you again

  2. Hi, great read and review of these golf gloves. I don’t know how people play without using a golf glove. They just help you feel comfortable through your swing with that extra support of grip. If people are wondering whether to buy one or not and they are reading this, then peeps make sure you buy one they do make a difference. The Titleist glove is my favourite out the bunch here. Which one is your favourite? 

    • Yes golf gloves do help and my favorite are the multi colored footjoy gloves as you can have a few to match your outfit.  I think I look like I know what I am doing out on the golf course with the matching glove.  Thanks for the comment


  3. Once again thank you for the awesome post!! So one thing I have not got, and my wife does, is a good pair of holding gloves. This list has some nice gloves in it but my favorite by far is the TaylorMade Tour Preferred Flex.  The fact that they are more breathable was the selling point for me.  I need that and that is why I have held off on getting gloves for myself. Thanks for pointing them out!

    • You bet that’s why I have put together this list so people like you can find the best for themselves and purchase them from there.  Feel free to click on the links and get them now.  Thank you for the comment.


  4. Hi Douglas

    I dabble playing a little golf but nothing too serious. I can understand the importance of having a comfortable pair of gloves, so that your grip is improved and gives a little edge to your game.  I always found gloves difficult to use when it is raining a little bit, as the grip is not as good and hope some of these gloves can help in this regard. Sweating is also another problem, so anything that minimises this problem will get my vote.

    Thank you for reviewing some golf gloves that I like the look of. I do not want them to clash with my clothes.

    Kind regards


    • Hey glad that you found this to be helpful a the list is very good to compare with other gloves.  I hope it helped and if you have more questions feel free to come back and ask.


  5. Hello Douglas;
    not long ago, I attended an accident on an amateur golf course, when the club accidentally left the hands of the one who held it to end in the face of a lady next to it, the gloves of the man were wet and of questionable quality then I totally agree with your article whether it is for golf or any other sport requiring hand protection. Thank you.

    • Yes gloves help with the grip of the club in a lot of conditions.  I hope the women was ok after that happened I can’t imagine that it felt at all good.   Thank you for the commment



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