Golf balls best or worst

I would like to welcome you to a new website that will be trying to compare golf ball brands and help give you some insight into golf balls. As there are so many brands of golf balls we will be trying to continue to update and keep every golf ball on the list.


I myself have loved golf since the first time my dad took me to a golf course. I might have been four or five at the time but I still remember it to this day. It has been many years and many bad shots and great shots altogether. I have tried many kinds of golf balls and have found that not all balls are the same. It’s always nice to be able to compare one to the other before making a purchase.

The best way possible to be able to make a purchase is to do a lot of research. I’m hoping that this website will do most of the research for you and you will be able to find a golf ball that fits your needs at this time and can come back to this site to find out if there are different balls to use for even different weather.



Over the years I’ve learned that you can’t go out golfing unless you have the proper equipment to do so. For instance, you need to have a bag to hold your clubs and other equipment. And of course, the most important tool for your game is a golf ball. If you are like me I have tried many brands of golf balls. Some I have found to work good in the different weather that I golf in Wisconsin.

  • Rain
  • Snow
  • Sleet
  • Heat
  • Freezing rain

These are some weather conditions that I have golfed in. Now the best conditions are going to be sunny and 70 but we all know that isn’t gonna happen every day. When you know there’s a chance of rain I don’t usually play with my best golf ball as the conditions are not very good anyway. But comparing golf ball to golf ball has always been one of the funniest parts of my golf game as you get to learn how golf balls work and what they do in different conditions.


Obviously our goal here is to get a great website that will compare all aspects of golf balls. Some may be better than others but as you know golf isn’t the easiest game in the world. That is what I also find so fun about golf. If the game of golf was easy everyone would be on the course doing it.

We look forward to doing a comprehensive comparison of golf balls. If at any time you feel that there is not enough information and that you would like to see something done different feel free to reach out at any time and we will try to help out in any way.

There isn’t one golf ball out in the world that is truly better than the next. All the golf balls have better make and model that try to work with your skill level. We are trying to put out the information on this site to help you find the golf ball that will best fit you and your skill level. Not all of us can say we have a handicap on the golf course of a 1. Not that we don’t try to lie about it at the bar after.

So again enjoy the comparisons of golf ball brands and make the right choice that fits your skills. We hope that this information will help to speed up the buying process and find the information helpful in that regard. Once again there really isn’t the best ball ever out there but there are some that stand out better than others. Cost-wise some golf balls don’t even seem worth the price as a beginner or intermediate golfer. But there are many brands that can accommodate you and your skill level.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


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  1. In looking for gift ideas I came across your site, and although I am not a golfer and know very little about the game, there are several people that I know that are avid golfers. I never realized that there were so many different types of golf balls and clubs, and accessories that are available in this sport. Very interesting!! My son is really into golf so I am going to let him know about your site and let others that know as well.
    Very informative and easy to navigate site. Thank you for all of the information Doug, now I know more than before, which was very little. May even talk my son into teaching me how to play the game!!


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