Golf Ball Line Marker Tool, 6-piece tool kit

Golf Ball Line Marker Tool, 6-piece tool kit

  • 4 pack markers
  • 4 pack marking tools
  • 2 club head cleaners
  • 2-2′ zip-line keychain
  • Purchase on
  • $11.95 for a complete set

Here we want to set you up with the best-golfing experience in golf equipment, not just golf balls.  So we wanted to add a review of a golf ball line marker tool which is a tool giving you the ability to draw a line on your golf ball with a permanent marker to help align your putts and all-around golf shots.  We have found this 6-piece tool kit that is amazing in all that comes with it and the ability it has to help keep your golf club head clean for every shot.

Golf Ball Line Marker Tool,  6-piece tool kitSo with this kit, you will get a 4-pack of golf ball line ball marking tools.  These tools are shaped like a tong to make it easier for you to pick up the ball when you want.  They have a slotted design that allows for drawing of a straight and neat and clean line on your golf ball.  They also make it really easy to mark your ball on both sides as it clamps on the ball and helps align it for easy drawing of straight lines on the ball.

The kit also comes with 4 markers making it easy to choose your color markings.  It comes with a red-green-blue-black again giving you many options as you mark your ball.

Another added feature is the 2 tone colored clubface cleaners that have a 2-foot zip-liner keychain making it easy to keep your markers and clubhead cleaner at your fingertips.  The clubhead cleaner features a club groove cleaner making it easy to get in those small grooves and clean them.  This, in turn, will give you a better shot off the club if there isn’t anything blocking the clubface and ball giving you better contact and a quality shot off the Golf Ball Line Marker Tool,  6-piece tool kitclubface.

I wanted to add this to my site to give you some other options on the golf course that will help out your golf game.  Adding straight lines on your golf ball will help you to find the right line of all of your putts long or short.  The best part about these is they can hook right to your golf back or on your golf cart and have super easy access with the zip-line keychain.

I would like to thank you for checking out this review and as always would welcome any comments or questions at any time.  Feel free to leave below and I will try to answer and get back to you in a timely fashion.

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Here is a cool video on how Justin Thomas Marks his golf balls.  I thought it was a cool video that was short and sweet.

2 thoughts on “Golf Ball Line Marker Tool, 6-piece tool kit”

  1. I have a white elephant party coming up with a group of guys who are mostly golfers, and there is a budget that I think this would fit into nicely! Looks like everything they would need to mark their golf balls so they don’t lose them, or at least lose them as quickly as they normally do! Thank you for reviewing this, I appreciate it!

    • Yes this tool is very cool with all of the options that it comes with.  It seems to be priced right and who as a golfer wouldn’t want to have this kit for their golf bag.  Good luck with the gifts and thank you.



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