Best Odyssey Putters, Triple Track

Best Odyssey Putters, Triple Track


Putters have come a long way over the years in terms of technology and style.  You used to only be able to find a putter made of wood and with no offsets or different lengths of the putter shafts.  The best Odyssey Putters, Triple Track tech is just crazy cool with the three straight lines on top of the putter.  Helping you to line up your puts every time you are on the green.

Want to be the talk of the group of friends these putters will help you out in a huge way.  Not only will they help with the alignment of your putts but they will give you that style you need with the cool colors in the lines.

Keep reading below and you will find the perfect Triple Track putter by Odyssey that will help you lower that golf score.  Which other than the looks is what you are in need of for sure.

Now if you looked at the video above you will have looked at how awesome these putters really are and the tech that they use to help with every putt.  Now check out the details and the style of putters that you can find from Odyssey golf.


So the Odyssey putter is a branch of the Callaway golf and they are continuing to improve on the golfing world one putter at a time.  They have used the technology called Vernier Hyper Acuity to help you align your putts on the greens.

Did you know that this technology is used to help land planes on aircraft carriers out at sea?  That right there is not something easy to do as both the plane and the ship are shifting and moving at the same time.  Just as the club will be moving as well you will see these benefits.

Best Odyssey Putters, Triple TrackThis technology was first used on the golf balls Callaway came up with and found it to be the perfect addition to the golf bag to help every golfer who loves the Callaway golf balls and the triple track alignment on the golf balls.

This will help you to keep each of your ball rolls to be straight and true to where you have aligned the putt.  If you tend to spin your wrists and get out of alignment these lines will help to change this and better your overall putting experience.


The stroke lab at Odyssey golf has taken upon themselves to reduce the weight in each of the putter shafts while adding it back into the putter head and grip of the putter.  The reduction of weight may be minimal but you will find the club to swing more smoothly and controlled.

Having that more consistent swing from the putter will help with the control of each putt which in turn will help you to make those all-important shots needed to lower your score on the card.  Having this great added balance will also give you confidence as you grow with the putter in your hand.


A lot of ideas come out from this other great addition to these putters.  The insert or putter face that makes contact with the golf ball has lots of sounds and feel which helps you to learn and adapt to the putter with each putt.

Best Odyssey Putters, Triple TrackThe Michrohinge Star Insert will give you the same benefits as the White Hot Michrohinge Insert.  So you will see the perfect ball roll while still seeing the firm feel on the golf shot.

The sound at impact will also be more enhanced to help you enjoy each putt on the green.  Having a firm feel and great roll will really help keep the golf score low with each round you play.

Want to learn more about what a putter is you can click on the link below for Wikipedia and learn more now.


Now that you all know what these putters are made of and how the tech works for them you have to choose the style of putter you would like to have the triple track tech.  So many great options that you may have to spend some time choosing the best one to use.

If you enjoy a mallet or blade-style putter you can get it with the triple track all you need to do is figure out which fits your needs the best.


Odyssey Triple Track Marxman Putter

Best Odyssey Putters, Triple Track
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The first of these putters is the Marxman which will be of the mallet-style putter.  This putter has a balanced face that is going to keep that putter straighter in the back and forth of the swing of the club.  It also has a double bend in the handle of the putter which is also going to help with the stroke of the putter and motion through the putt.

With all the improvements to this design that has been proven already you will enjoy straighter swing motions and less arc in each putt.  Helping you to have that great shot control and straight putt.


Double Wide Putter

Best Odyssey Putters, Triple Track
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The second choice in the putters with the triple track is going to be the double-wide blade putter.  Having a blade putter is one of the old school putters yet one of the most consistent putters out in the golf world.

The double=wide putter is going to give you that old school blade feels yet have that new tech with the triple track tech and the superior handle tech with the double offset at the base of the handle.

As you will see with all of these putters the tech is the same and amazing so you need to pick that style you are in search of.


Double Wide Flow Putter

Best Odyssey Putters, Triple Track
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Another blade-style putter with one key difference and that being the offset at the base of the handle of the putter.  This offset is made for the golfer that will need to have less arc and less rotation of the face of the club.

Adding both of these together you will find that the club will swing better and with more control and keep your putts straight and true on the golf green.  Having such great tech is going to add so much more confident with you putting stroke while learning to better your golf game.


2-Ball Blade Putter

Best Odyssey Putters, Triple Track
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Ok, you guys if you have not heard of the 2-Ball putter yet then get out and try it.  Such a great club and now they have added the triple track tech helping you to make those all-important putts out on the green.

Now it has a moderate toe hang which will help out with the arc of your putts and a super moderate face rotation.  Keeping in style with the 2-ball tech you will not look any farther for a super-efficient putter that helps to align each shot out on the golf course.


2-Ball Putter

Best Odyssey Putters, Triple Track
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Now that you have read about the 2-Ball blade putter you can also get the 2-Ball mallet-style putter.  I have tried this putter without the triple track and man do I love it.  It has such a comfortable feel and sleek design that will help improve that all-important golf score.

The double bend in the shaft will again help with the ball control and each putt.  One of the greatest putters in this list and ones that I have used before that I really have enjoyed the feeling for sure.


Triple Track Ten Putter

Best Odyssey Putters, Triple Track
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One of the last two on the list that are using the triple track tech is the Ten putters.  This putter again is using the exact technology as the ones above but have a very different style than the others.

It still is the mallet-style putter but the shaft offset is a little different and still will help keep the club faced in the correct direction and the right angle of putt.  Comfortable and stylish are in your hands as long as the perfect alignment to the ball with each shot.


Triple Track Ten S Putter

Best Odyssey Putters, Triple Track
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The last one with all the triple track tech is the same as above yet has what is called a toe hung putter.  The offset is at the correct point in the putter shaft to help with people who have the club spin and want to reduce it as much as possible.

This putter again is going to be great to keep the face of the putter from moving and turn out of the straight path that you are looking for.  If you are looking for a great mallet putter that has great balance and the perfect tools to align the ball this is the one.


Odyssey Triple Track Putters

These are some of the most amazing putters out on the market to help you align each putt and make sure that they are headed straight and to the correct place that you want the ball to roll to.

If any of these putters are what you are looking for you can definitely find them at Worldwide Golf Shops and check out the pricing for these awesome putters.  You can also click on the highlighted words by the putter that you really like to head and check the pricing and great options for these putters.

If you are one to make purchases on Amazon you can click on the links here for Amazon and find them there as well.  Such amazing technology and designs that you will keep these putters for years to come.  If you get to Amazon and don’t find the right one just do a little searching there and you can find the one you are looking for as well.

Finding a putter that is comfortable and stylish that is built to last is right at your fingertips you just need to click on those highlighted links above to find the right one for yourself today.


Check out this video and see for yourself what these putters look like.  Some great comfortable putters with style and great looks in mind.

I want to thank you for taking the time to read this article and I hope that the information was very helpful to you.  If you would like to take a look at some other putters out on the market feel free to go to the other articles on my site by clicking on the links below.

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Thank you again and if you would like to feel free to leave a comment or any questions below and I would gladly respond to them as soon as I can to help you out in any way possible.


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  1. Awesome idea from Odyssey. I like the triple track technology they used in creating this one. Surely, this is going to improve our putting game a lot! Thanks for sharing this article. I’m a fan of your site!

    • So glad to have people that enjoy golf and love to learn about it. This is going to change the golf game for sure and help out with putting for those who tend to struggle with putting straight. Bringing down the golf score which is always the goal of the golf round. Thank you for stopping and reading and also commenting. Good luck to you on thee golf course.


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