Best Golf Ball Retrievers For the Mud Under $100 

Although it’s unfortunate, there are many times when a golf ball can get caught in the mud. If a water hazard lacks a bit of water, you will find your golf ball is stuck in the mud, and not all golf ball retrievers will work to get it out.

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Quick Look
Best Overall:  Gotcha Jawz Golf Ball (Shop Amazon)
Best Seller on Amazon:  Callaway 15th Club Golf Ball Retriever (Shop Amazon)
Budget Pick:  Pro-Active Sports Super Lite Golf Ball Retriever (Shop Amazon)

Some golfers are concerned that a golf ball retriever will not work in the mud and only in the water. Luckily this is not the case. Here are the best golf ball retrievers for the mud, priced under $100. Remember that these will also work for golf balls in the water


Gotcha Jawz Golf Ball Retreiver


Gotcha JAWZ Golf Ball Retriever

The Gotcha Jawz Golf Ball retriever is our favorite option for getting a golf ball out of the mud. This is a single-piece design, so there are lower chances of it falling apart long term. In addition, the Gotcha Jawz has no moving parts. 

With the surface of the Gotcha Jawz being a co-molded rubberized material, the ball will sit in place and not roll and fall to the side. We liked the ultra-compact design that makes it incredibly easy to control what you are doing with the retriever in hand. 

The maximum length here is 10′, which is about as far as you will have success with out of the mud anyway!


  • It can collapse to 15″ and fit in the golf bag
  • No moving parts that can rust or break over time
  • Very easy to grab the ball and have it rest on top 


  • As with any golf ball retriever, there is a learning curve to get this to be consistently effective 


Callaway 15th Club Golf Ball Retriever


Best Golf Ball Retrievers For the Mud Under 100 dollars 

Callaway makes one of everything a golfer needs to succeed on the golf course. This means they also have included a golf ball retriever in their lineup of impressive products. The Callaway 15th club is a telescoping design that comes with its headcover. 

With the 15th club, you will find that the total length of the retriever is about 25″, and it can extend to more than 6 feet. Callaway offers several different models for golfers that think they may need more reach. 

One of the features that help the Callaway 15th club stand out from others on the market is the ergonomic handle. This handle makes it considerably easier to control the retriever, which is essential when grabbing a ball out of the mud. If you like and trust the Callaway brand, you will enjoy all that the 15th club retriever offers. 


  • The handle is straightforward to work with 
  • The smaller version will fit in the apparel pocket of your golf bag 
  • It comes with its headcover
  • Clasp type design makes it easy to grab the ball 


  • The longer the retriever, the more expensive this model gets 


I Gotcha Golf Ball Retriever


I GOTCHA Aluminum Golf Ball Retriever

The I Gotcha Golf Ball Retriever is a highly rated model with a spring release-ready head. When you have a tough time grabbing a golf ball, the I Gotcha collects it and gets you back into play. 

The telescoping aluminum shaft on the I Gotcha can extend to about 12 feet, but there are several models of this particular ball retriever available for golfers to choose from. When not in use, you can expect a 45″ shaft that easily fits in your bag and is quick to retrieve. 


  • Made with high-quality material
  • The locking clip holds the golf ball in play 
  • lightweight design makes it easier to work with 


  • The clip can get covered in mud in some situations 


Pro-Active Sports Super Lite Golf Ball Retriever


Best Golf Ball Retrievers For the Mud and rain

One of the complaints golfers have about getting a golf ball out of the mud is that the retriever can be heavy to work with. Sometimes when a golf ball is just a few feet away, a lightweight and easy-to-work-with retriever make the most sense. This is precisely what the Pro-Active Sports Super Lite Golf Ball Retriever offers. 

The total design weighs seven ounces, and the company even claims it’s made for retrievers from mud, rocks, or even a hole. The compact design is made to fit in your golf bag’s apparel pocket, and this model’s total length is 9 feet. 

We love the high visibility head of the Pro-Active Sports Super Lite, as you can see what you do when working with the model. Once you have the golf ball up on shore, press the push button release so that you can fold the unit back up without having to touch any mud. 


  • Very easy to work with out of the mud 
  • Compact design 
  • High visibility head
  • Lightweight 


  • Extended reach is not an option 


Pelican Golf Ball Retriever


Pelican Golf Ball Retriever for the mud

The Pelican Golf Ball Retriever is one of the best for its durability and impressive overall control. This model has a Golden Yellow Nylon Cup that makes it easy to see what you are doing and grab a golf ball in front of you. 

With the Pelican Golf Ball Retriever, you will get up to 18 feet of maximum length, and it weighs just 1.6 pounds. This was one of our favorite models for golfers looking for a combination of retrieving golf balls from water and the mud. 

There is a twist-turn lock to keep your golf ball in place, and the comfortable grip also increases the overall usability of the model. Although the Pelican products are a bit more money than others on the market, you will have this ball retriever for a long time. 


  • A yellow nylon cup is easy to work with 
  • Comfort grip 
  • Lightweight aluminum alloy shaft 


  • At the 18′ length, it’s a bit challenging to get a ball out of the mud 


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few top questions about the best golf ball retrievers for the mud. 

What is the best type of golf ball retriever?

The best golf ball retriever tends to be the standard round retriever, where the ball will rest on top of the circle. Some hinged retrievers get rusty and won’t hinge either; they can also be harder to control. 

Do golf ball retrievers work in the mud?

Golf ball retrievers work in the mud quite well. The only thing you need to be aware of is the relative strength of the pole and the total pole length. We have found much more success out of the mud with a 6′ and 9′ ball retriever. 

Should I buy a golf ball retriever?

If a golf course you usually play has quite a few water hazards, ball retrievers can pay for themselves after just a few rounds of golf. Buying a golf ball retriever is well worth the money when you know there are golf balls in the water that are still perfectly good to use. 

How does a telescopic golf ball retriever work?

Telescopic ball retrievers are small enough to put in your golf bag. They can then be extended to as long as 15 or 18 feet. This can help with golf balls further from the shore, making it easier for you to collect many golf balls throughout your next round of golf.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you are now ready to purchase a golf ball retriever for the mud. The Gotcha Jawz tends to be our favorite option. It is durable and helps you grab a ball even if it is slightly embedded. Don’t forget to rinse your golf ball retriever off after pulling a ball out of the mud; chances are it will be pretty dirty, and you want it to last for a long time. 


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