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So really the best and worst golf ball comparison is a hard thing to understand unless you have taken the time to read and follow up on the golf ball.   We are hoping to put together a comprehensive list of golf balls that will help you to find the golf ball that will fit your exact needs for the best round of golf that you can have.


As you may know now the only way to really tell how a golf ball will perform is to be hitting golf balls.  I have found the best way to do this is to buy Best and worst golf ballsome balls and go to a golf course and use them.  So if you are looking to go out and buy a bunch of Top Flite golf balls feels free.  We are trying to look at the pros and cons of the golf ball industry and give you the best comparison that we see fit.

I don’t think it’s a good idea to go out and buy every brand of a golf ball and take it to the golf course to try.  You, in turn, will end up spending way more money than you will ever want to spend on golf balls.   But we will try to get you to the correct golf ball that will help you with hitting golf balls.  I do like to go to a driving range to test out my golf clubs but they don’t let you use your own golf balls so it’s hard to try out balls there.


Best and worst golf ballMost golf balls are created using many layers.  Some have a softcore golf ball.  Most golf ball manufacturers have created what they feel to be a good range of balls.  Again from the softcore to the outer shell of the golf ball they are in turn trying to give all golfers the best ball.  Whether you are just beginning at golf or have golfed for 50 years many golf balls will work for you.  Most of the professional golfers choose to play a Titleist Prov1 but that might not be the best ball for a beginner in the golfing world.

Now as most of you will have already guessed or know there are numerous golf ball manufactures.  We will be trying to show you the comparison in each golf ball and also try to show you our opinion on them.  If you are looking for a Wilson golf ball or a Srixon golf ball we hope we can compare them for you so you have a comprehensive comparison.  Pro Staff golf balls and Callaway Golf balls are not the same and so on.  We are looking at comparing and bringing you the best of our opinions to you on all golf balls.  From golf ball distant shots to close range we are looking for you to be able to come here and compare them in a quick easy way.


Most golf balls are made to create the best ball for distance.  Now all golf balls vary in how they work and are made but some cores are made for the best tee shot and getting that distance on the golf course.  Also, golf balls have been created with the dimples on the outside of them to help them travel farther when the ball is hit.  All dimples are not alike.  Some golf ball manufacturers have taken many years to create the right dimple for a golf ball.

The core of the golf ball also will help with a distance shot.  Most professional golfers use a more solid core as they have a faster club speed and more control of the ball.  A beginning golfer with a look at using a softer core golf ball to help with distance as the club speed and control hasn’t been perfected yet.


Many golf balls have different ways of covering the outer surface of the golf ball.  Many of these golf balls are covered with a product called Surlyn which is a very durable product.  This product, in turn, will help you on the tee to keep the spin of the golf ball down.  Again it’s very durable yet is usually used on balls for intermediate to beginners.   Then you have another product that is usually used on the higher end golf ball.

Urethane is another product used to cover golf balls and will give you better control of the shot.  Also, these golf balls will have a lot softer of a feel than golf balls make with Surlyn.  These golf ball coverings are usually made with the professional in mind that likes to have full control of the ball and all of the shots involved with your golf game.  Again this is just the outside, the inside also helps to create ball control and accuracy.


So again on this website, we are looking to compare and teach you the best and worst golf ball.  Most golf balls are not the same and are not made in the same matter.  A Chromax golf ball may not be made the same way as a Bridgestone golf ball.  When searching out a new golf ball and the properties of them we are hoping that we can get the best comparisons for you.

Many of the added features of golf balls are used in the different brands of golf balls but not used in the same style.  The outer shell of the golf ball might be made with many different products.  The inner core of the golf ball might only have two layers.  It might ever have four layers depending onBest and worst golf ball how the manufacturers see the best ball that can be made.

We hope that these comparisons will help you find the best ball for your golfing lifestyle.  As always you can’t go out on the golf course without your golf balls.  Find the golf ball that best suits your needs and playing style and you will succeed in ways that you didn’t know you could.  If you are looking for some great golf balls head on over to my other post on The Best Amateur Golf Ball get some ideas to buy.

We also will be added reviews and options for the golfer on golf equipment to find and purchase.  Helping to give some insight into the best golf equipment for the golfer in mind.

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As always if you should have any questions about our website feel free to reach out and contact us at any time.

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