Best amateur golf ball, Some to compare

 Best amateur golf ball

So as always, I am trying to put out a list of some golf balls to compare in the price range and in build quality.  In this list, there are 8 of some of the best amateur golf balls and these are not the only ones out there on the market just a couple I thought we should take a look at.  Most golf companies have been creating golf balls for years and have always tried to give some inexpensive options to a golfer just starting out or looking for a cheaper golf ball.  So take some time to check them out and see how these balls compare to each other.

Titleist TruFeel

  • Ultra-soft feel
  • Superior distance
  • Excellent greenside control
  • TruTouch core
  • TruFlex cover
  • White/Yellow/and Red soon
  • $22.95 on Amazon

So here we have the first of 8 golf ball reviews that we are going to help you in finding a cheaper option in a good golf ball.  So this Titleist golf ball has been created to give you more confidence around the green.  This means on your shots where you need to have the control you will feel better using one of these golf balls.  The golf ball has enhanced aerodynamics which will help you to get greater distance off of the tee helping to keep that golf score low.

Best amateur golf ball, Some to compare

The Trufeel golf ball comes with a side stamp design so you don’t have to keep a marker on you to get those alignment marks for your putts.  Now you don’t just you this for putting it can also help you when lining up you tee shots so your stance is correct helping to get that shot where you need it to go.  You can’t really pick up your golf ball on the shots to the green from the fairway but these lines will be helpful and you won’t get permanent marker on your fingers.

One of the other cool things that golf ball companies are doing is letting you customize your golf balls.  You can add your favorite number whether that’s your old high school football number or something of other value.  You even could put your favorite team on your golf balls.  Even your company logo for your golf outings with your employees.  Or maybe you want to have a personal message put on them there are many options that are available to you with this golf ball for sure.

TaylorMade Project S

  • Dual distance core
  • 342 LDP dimple pattern
  • Aerodynamic Ionomer cover
  • 4 color options
  • $20.00 on Amazon

So here we have the second of our 8 golf balls to review and give you options again for a cheaper golf ball as a beginner or amateur golfer.  This ball has been created to have a soft feel while keeping your driver spin low.  Meaning when you hit it off the tee the ball will have much less spin in the air help to get you longer driving distances.  The dual distance core will help to decrease compression while keeping the rebound and speed of the golf shot.

Best amateur golf ball, Some to compare

So with your getting the softer feel and greater distance that helps to keep the positive attitude on the golf course which sometimes is a hard thing when you slice it or really have a bad shank shot.  I have more of them then I care to admit about right now.  The cover of the golf ball is one of the softest covers put out by TaylorMade which will help you out in controlling the golf shots and keep the spin low around the green for the always needed spot on the golf shot.

Most people that have golfed before all golf balls come with dimples and this ball has a 342 LDP pattern on its outer shell.  These dimples have been put on the outside to help reduce the drag throughout your golf shots.  This will include getting more distance on your drives with better airflow around the golf ball in flight.  Again giving you greater distance and feel searching for that ever-popular low score.

TaylorMade Distance +

  • White or Yellow
  • 2-piece design
  • 342 Dimple
  • High-velocity
  • $12.38 on Amazon

So in the search of a good golf ball review for the beginning golfer we have another TaylorMade golf ball.  This ball is again another cheaper option for a beginning golfer or someone who loves golf but doesn’t need the best golf ball to have fun on the golf course with their friends.  The golf ball has a REACT speedcore which is going to give you high-speed shots while making less drag in the air.  Like most golf balls the core is like a spring helping to launch the golf ball off of your clubface getting distance.

Best amateur golf ball, Some to compare

As this is a less expensive 2-layer golf ball you may find that your shots off the tee will not be as soft as some of the more expensive 4-layer golf balls created for a softer feel.  As a novice golfer that sometimes won’t matter as your working on your swing more than getting a low score.  This golf ball will still help you get some distance on your shots just might have some ping in the hands as it is a little harder of a golf ball.

On the outer shell, we have another 342 dimple design for good airflow around the golf ball in flight.  The design of them dimples lets that air go around giving less drag and allowing for more distance shots.

Noodle Easy Distance

  • Low spin
  • 2-piece design
  • REACT core
  • 342 Dimples
  • $13.19 on Amazon

So here we have it the Noodle Easy Distance golf ball created for the low club speed golfer looking for another inexpensive golf ball.  With the REACT golf ball core, you will have an explosive golf shot getting a spring-like energy transfer on ball impact helping to get longer distance shots.  When you are looking for any golf ball to use one of the great ideas to keep in mind is a ball that will help all around the course.  Putting a smile on your face getting a par or even a birdie.

Best amateur golf ball, Some to compare

The durable and tough golf ball design still giving you that soft feel on the clubface when hitting.  The great thing about this ball is that it can be used by kids and women golfers looking for a good inexpensive reliable golf ball.  Having that good 2-piece golf ball with the spring core and aerodynamics shell your be happy with the distance and great feel around the green.

Having the 342 dimple design when the golf ball is hit in the air you will know that it will react in the correct way giving you better control and feel.  With that better control comes confidence in your golf game.  Most golf balls work in the same principle given you need to hit it to see how it works and the Noodle is here to help with all of these golf shots.

Bridgestone e6 Soft

  • Soft feel
  • 3-piece design
  • 330 dimple design
  • $20.46 on Amazon

So another addition to this list is the Bridgestone e6 soft.  This golf ball review will help to show how this golf ball has been engineered to be very soft and still being able to keep your golf shots straight.  It has an advanced mantle layer and covers that work together to provide you with great approach shots.  Along with these great shots, you still might not be on the green and this golf ball is going to help with having great greenside control.

Best amateur golf ball, Some to compare

The core construction of the golf ball will help with creating great speed.  This, in turn, is going to help with distance on your drives.  It also is going to help keep the spin down on your shots.  Having less spin is going to create a better landing on the green as it doesn’t create tons of spin.  The 3-piece design is helping to give you better tee to green performance helping better your golf experience.

With this being a super soft golf ball you will be happy having some great quality shots all around the golf course.  Having that control will help with the confidence of every shot you take on the course.

Srixon Soft Feel

  • Soft thin cover
  • 2-piece design
  • 338 dimple pattern
  • $17.06 on Amazon

So now we have the Srixon Soft Feel golf ball which is one of two in this comparison/review.  This golf ball has a 2-piece design which like most of the others in this list has been created for the cost of the golf balls.  The outer cover has a softer feel on your golf shot while still giving you great control around the green with every chip shot, pitch and putt you will be making.

Best amateur golf ball, Some to compare

The 338 dimple pattern is going to give you a lot lower air drag so the ball will cut through the air giving you more consistent and accurate golf shots every time.  While this ball is in flight the dimple pattern will help in keeping the ball flight straight which will also help with distance.

The Energetic Gradient Growth core has been created with a soft center but also is firm on the outside.  This two-layer core will help you to get better launch off of the tee with your driver while helping to have less spin in the air.

Srixon Q Star

  • 2-piece design
  • 338 dimple pattern
  • Spin Skin
  • $18.89 on Amazon

Now the second golf ball the Srixon Q Star golf ball.  This golf ball again has a 2-piece design which offers you more spin and control by the green.  The lower compression of the golf ball core again continues to help with the overall feel of your golf shots.  With the core, you will find your shots having less spin on the driver especially.  Which will help with getting the distance off the tee that everyone wants?

Best amateur golf ball, Some to compare

The Srixon golf ball has a third-generation Spin Skin coating which has been created to help you get more spin around the green to get that perfect landing on the green.

The 338 dimple design of the outside shell of the ball has helped in the reduction of drag.  Drag is not what you want in the air when trying to get distance off of the tee.  With the dimples you will find the ball to be better aerodynamic and stable in the air when playing your golf rounds is those really brisk windy days.


Noodle Long and Soft

  • Soft Iothane cover
  • Impact core
  • 342 Dimple design
  • $19.88 on Amazon

Now the final golf ball in the golf ball review is the Noodle Long and Soft.  With the impact core, we are looking at it’s a very ultrasoft core.  So when you think of impact maybe your thinking solid but this core is soft.  With it being soft it is going to have good compression which always helps out with your distance shots.

Best amateur golf ball, Some to compare

The Iothane golf ball cover has a softer feel also which is going to help create distance while keeping the feel of your shot amazing.  The 342 dimple design will help to cut through the air helping you to get longer shots off of the tee.  The dimple pattern also has been designed to help the golf ball in flight by helping it track straight into the air and throughout the golf ball flight.

Again in this list, these golf balls are all created for the beginner golfer.  Even if you just want to try out the golf ball and want to save some money you don’t have to be a pro to use any of these golf balls.  This list was created in the hopes of helping you find a reasonable golf ball at a cheaper price while allowing you to get some of the good things that come with those really expensive golf balls.  Not every golf ball is the same as you can see from above.  You may find that you have to try a couple of different balls to see which one works best for you.

There is no wrong way to go golfing out on the golf course but you can find that a golf ball is wrong for you.  Don’t get to worked up over it as there are many different golf balls available and you can always try more than one brand.  Once you find the correct golf ball I think you will know every shot will feel better for you and put that smile on your face that we all want when we are golfing.  Go on over to Fairway Golf USA and get your golf balls and any other golf equipment you are looking for they have some great golf equipment for sale for every golfer from beginner to the tour pro.

I thank you for taking the time to read through the list of golf balls.  At any time if you would like to comment or have a question please feel free to leave it below and I will get back to you with the best information that I can.   Thank you once again and hit em straight out there on the course.

Thank you


Check out the Titleist TruFeel golf ball review below.



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  1. Wow, it has never cross my mind that golf balls are diverse. I always think they is just one type of golf ball, nothing more nothing less.
    It is now after finishing reading your article. What I like with your description on these golf balls, your made it clear that buying any of these golf balls won’t make it easier or difficult golfing.

    I thinking considering cheaois a way to go for me, taking inconsideration that I have to buy other staff needed to go along with golf ball.

    That you for an informative article.

    • Yes it sure is amazing how many golf balls are manufactured and by how many companies. I am looking into adding more articles about golf equipment in the future just starting to figure out the best way to start doing it. Thank you for taking the time to check out the site and read through the information. Also planning on some more golf ball reviews for people.
      Thank you

  2. My husband loves to golf. I’ve been thinking about what gift to get him. You’ve just made my job easier. He also takes along our son. I like the Srixon Q Star golf ball.

    The fact that is has lower compression may be great for our son to get started. He like seeing his shots go as far as he can get them. Also, my husband prefers a ball that has less spin, which he feels makes it more accurate when the ball gets hit. 

    • Golf balls are always a great gift to give if you can’t find something for a golfer.  Unless you husband is really picky about the golf balls he will enjoy the golf balls.  Your son will also find them to be very nice golf balls to use.  Thank you and good luck to you all in the future.


  3. The TaylorMade Distance + is the ball for me, I think. Not only is it the least expensive, but I don’t golf often enough to merit being picky and paying a high price. I like the idea that the center core acts as a spring. I’d have never guessed. Getting any distance will be a suitable tradeoff for not having a soft feel.

    • Yes as a golfer who only is what you would call a “Weekend Warrior” paying a lot of money for golf balls is a waste.  Good golf balls do help but if you don’t golf a lot I wouldn’t spend to much as beginning out in golf we all tend to lose more golf balls than the pros would.  Good luck to you out on the golf course and I thank you for stopping by.



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