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Welcome to wecomparegolf.com a website helping to give good reviews on golf balls and equipment. Hoping to add some insight to all there is with golf equipment. Have questions? Leave a comment and I will try to give you a direction on which way to go or how to get there.

Here we are always adding reviews and ideas about the game of golf and golf equipment. Remember you can’t go out and play golf without golf balls or golf clubs. So go on ahead and check out the site see if you can find some great golf equipment for yourself.

Also there are a lot of gift ideas to check out on the site. Just click on golf accessories and you will find the golf gift reviews there. I hope this will be a very helpful site and read on to learn more about me and my golf life.


Growing up here in Wisconsin we don’t have the ability to go golfing year round. As much as I would love to do this there is always that white stuff that comes in the winter time. I mean if I could I really would golf year round I just find it so relaxing and fun to do.

As my two girls are growing up they have gone with to the golf course and showed some interest we even have purchase some junior golf clubs for them to try out. The youngest who is six tries but just doesn’t get it quite yet and the eleven-year old is coming around.

The issue as a kid trying to learn how to golf is patients. As a child I tried really hard to be patient and learn the game but it can be very hard to do. Not getting the ball off of the ground and into the air which is the goal then you have to worry about aim.

Do you have kids and want to teach them all about golf? I will be talking about all different kinds of junior golf equipment and giving you ways to look at some best golf clubs and sets of golf clubs.

Being able to show your kids a sport that you love will inspire them to find the fun in the sport while doing it with their parents. As I can remember I used to look forward to my Dad calling and telling me he has set up a tee time so get ready for Saturday.

I used to caddy for my Dad in golf tournaments he used to play in. The pay was awesome hot dogs after nine holes all the soda a kid could drink and I could even drive the golf cart. These are some greatest moments in my life that I will never be able to forget.

I now want to head out and play some golf and continue to better my golf game. Being able to have a passion for the game of golf has drawn me to talking so much about the game. I hope to see you guys all out on the golf with or without your kids just having a ton of fun on the course.


As I have said before I love golf so the perfect thing to do is to talk about golf equipment. As I am continuing to add to my site it is the hope to show people that I know a lot about golf and if I don’t I can defenitly point those into the right direction.

Golf equipment is always changing and the technology that goes into golf balls and golf clubs is amazing. When golf first started out you would use a wooden golf club and it was amazing how well-built and long-lasting those wooded golf clubs were. Now finding wooden clubs is a thing of the past.

Look at some putters that Scotty Cameron puts out in a year with all the amazing new metals that can be inset into the club faces. Even golf ball technology has improved even in the last five years alone. Watching the PGA Tour professionals play golf is amazing and learning the equipment that they use and how it works is just something fun to do.


So now that you are here and reading this I want to tell you what the intention of my website is and how I want to be able to help others with it. First I want to be able to give some experience on golfing and what I have used in the past as far as golf clubs and golf balls.

But I also want to give you a way to go and purchase the products that I am talking about. Leaving you wanting more every time that you come here you can sign up for email updates when I do add to the website. Reading more and more about the equipment that I will be reviewing.

In the search for some best golf equipment it can be a struggle so this will be the place to come and learn all about golf. Leaving you with the best information and knowledge that I know about golf and the equipment required is what I am looking to do for you.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Douglas Luisier


6 thoughts on “About Me, Douglas”

  1. I used to play golf with my dad when I was a teen.  I was not too bad.

    Sometimes when my Dad made a bad tee shot he would throw his club in anger

    How young can you start teaching a child to play golf?

    When you play, do you always play eighteen holes?

    • I don’t think there is an age that is necessary to young you just need to have shorter clubs which most of the courses will have some to rent out.  As far as me playing golf it depends on the time of the year during the week usually can play only nine holes and on the weekend play 18 for sure.  Sometimes I would play 36 holes on Saturday and 36 on Sunday that was when I had a season pass.  I have thrown a club or two in my day but now that I have a really nice set of clubs I won’t.  Thank you for stopping by and reading about me and hope you can go and check out some of the golf equipment reviews.


  2. Hi Douglas, thanks for sharing your story. My reason of being interested in golf came from reading a Japanese comic book. It told a story about a kid who struggles to become a professional golfer. I learnt some basic golf-related terms and started to research about playing golf for real. Looking forward to check your articles. Thanks

    • That’s awesome I am so glad that you had the chance to learn about golf.  Sometimes you here that people learn in some different ways and there is nothing wrong with that.  I hope that you get the chance to go out and learn sometime.  Thank you for stopping and I hope you find the articles very nice to look through.


  3. Hey Douglas, I find many awesome ideas on golf games and golf equipment from your reviews. You are doing it step by step in details. It helps the reader and buyer both. I read your reviews on golf gloves, golf club and many more. Now I don’t spend my time anywhere else to find about golf product or and review regarding golf. Your about me page is awesome. Thanks for your good work Parveen.

    • I am super happy that you found my site to be amazing and hope that you can tell your friends and come back for more.  Always adding to the site and thanks again for reading through some of the articles.  Glad that I can show people my love for the game even though I am not a good golfer.  Thank you again.



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