5 Of The Best Divot Tools, You Need These

5 Of The Best Divot Tools, You Need These

When one tends to go out on the golf course you need lots of tools.  From marking your golf balls to fixing the divots and marks from divots on the golf green.  Years ago the divot tools did not really have anything that really stood out for the golfer like they do today.

I have found 5 of the best divot tools and that’s just the start.  There are so many options to choose from that 5 is just the beginning.  You can get ones that come with ball markers built right into the design.  Even ones that can mount onto your pants pocket to keep it right where you need it to be.

So keep reading on and find some of the coolest designs and options for you to purchase and take out onto the course.  You will be able to show it off and have the best tools for the golf round.

NCAA Ball Marker and Divot Tool

These are some of the coolest tools that I have found for sure.  Here are a few of the options that you can choose from but not the only ones as there are something like 82 teams to choose from.  You should be able to find your team just click your way over to Worldwide Golf Shops and find the perfect one for you.

5 Of The Best Divot Tools, You Need These This divot tool has been engineered to be the perfect 19-degree angle for repairing those pesky divots on the green.  You might not have even given it any thought as to having an angled tool to help fix the green but the time spent makes them super cool to look at as well.

You will get two ball markers with your favorite team right on them so you will know and maybe make your friends mad that you have that team on the green.   Having two of them also will ensure you can keep it around for a while and just in case you lose one there is that spare waiting for you to use.

With some pretty amazing and stylish looks to a super comfortable grip, these are some tools you will enjoy for many of your golf rounds today.  Click on over and find these awesome tools today.

NHL Repair Tool and Ball Marker

I mean really guys and gals I’m not going to really go into to much detail on these as they are the same style but for teams in the NHL.  Who doesn’t love them some hockey and golf put together in the perfect package?

5 Of The Best Divot Tools, You Need These

The tool comes with 18 different team options to choose from so you can show off who your favorite team is on the ice and the golf course.  Again these come with the two ball markers so you can have these for many rounds to come.

Made to be comfortable you will really enjoy the ease of use as you make your repairs from those perfect chip shots onto the green.  You can go and find these at Worldwide Golf Shops today and start putting it to use the rest of the year.



NFL Repair Tool and Ball Marker

I feel like I am showing you all the same tools and yes you and I would be correct in that we are looking at the same tools just different team options to choose from.  But really who doesn’t love a little NFL football on a Sunday or Monday to make it feel like winter is on its way in.  Yea winter sucks it just gets in the way of golf I see it to but still, these are so cool.

5 Of The Best Divot Tools, You Need These     Here you have 31 of your favorite NFL teams and have them on the perfect and comfortable golf tool.  Still coming with the two ball markers and also that perfect angle for the comfort you will be able to show off your favorite team.

Supporting your team and showing off your new tools out on the golf course might just get you that step ahead of your friends to be able to beat them on that golf round.

You can go on over to Worldwide Golf Shops today and find these awesome tools and more for the perfect golf rounds every time.  Making the game fun and exciting is one of the best tools for you to take out there to the course.



MLB Repair Tool and Ball Marker

I am so excited to show you these exact same divot tools yet different as they are the MLB tools to show your love for baseball.  I love these tools so much I will be adding these to my next order at Worldwide Golf Shops.  I just am not sure which style to choose from.

5 Of The Best Divot Tools, You Need These      As before they are made with the perfect angle to repair the golf green and comfortable in your fingers as you are using them.  And you can’t go wrong with the double up of the ball markers.  Maybe just keep the spare in your golf bag if for some reason you happen to lose one.  We all know that never happens to anyone on the golf course.

I can’t wait to get one of these and I hate that I have to choose just one team even though I am a fan of many MLB teams.  I can’t wait to see some of these out on the golf course and also show it off to my friends and make them jealous of my new tools.


NBA Repair Tool and Ball Marker

Ok, I know this is just crazy that they make them for the NBA but only have 5 teams that I can see as of right now.  I am really hoping to see the full gamut of them in the future as they are such an amazing look and style.

5 Of The Best Divot Tools, You Need These       Also comes with the two ball markers that are magnetically attached to the tool keeping it right at your fingertips right when you need it.  I guess I did fail to mention that the ball markers are 1″ in diameter which is such a perfect size to mark your golf ball.

Having the marker a little bigger than a quarter will make the marker really stand out on the course and show off your team.  Worldwide Golf Shops is the place to go and get yourself one of these NBA tools today.


So there you have it guys and gals the 5 tools to look at and check out today.  It’s like buying a custom ball marker that your friends don’t know about until you show it off and they ask where you got it.

Don’t forget to head over to Worldwide Golf Shops today and purchase one of them.  Just click on the highlighted links anywhere in the article above and you will be taken right to the site to find the perfect one today.

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  1. Wow I never knew these existed! That’s awesome! A buddy of mine has a birthday coming up, he’s a huge NBA fan and plays a lot of golf. Lucky I stumbled across your article! Thanks a lot Douglas.

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